Keeping Safe Online

In computing, Class 4 have been looking at the importance of keeping safe online.


We looked at three important aspects of this: Content, Contact and Conduct.

Our discussion on content involved looking at how social media accounts, games and films have age limits/ratings – and that the reasons for this is to avoid being exposed to inappropriate content/themes and to protect personal data. We also looked at what we should do if we see/hear something which may make someone feel uncomfortable.

We talked about how the internet allows us to contact a huge range of people and that, although this can be great, we cannot ever guarantee that the who we “talking” to is who we think they are. We discussed how what people post on the internet is often not completely true or honest.

We finally looked at how we are all responsible for our own conduct on the internet – including what we share and how we behave. We also talked about when using a game, accessing a website or signing up for an account, we are accountable for following the rules of whatever it is we are using – and that certain behaviour online can actually be deemed illegal.


Here are a small collection of posters (from National Online Safety®) with tips on staying safe online (more can be found on the E-Safety section of our website – including larger versions of those below)


For more information on how to keep children safe online, have a look at our E-Safety section on our website.


Any questions or queries on this, please don’t hesitate to contact me (

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