Published on: 22nd March, 2024

Newsletter – End of Spring Term


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Mid-year reports

Children will be coming home with their mid-year reports today.


Reception children do not have mid-year reports and there’s will come at the end of the year – and, unfortunately, due to the current school structure, Scorpions reports will be coming home with children on the first half term after the Easter break.


Staff spend a considerable amount of time writing these reports, and we have also made a number of changes to their format this year to try and ensure the most useful information is present in a easy-to-find way (following feedback from previous years), and so we’d really appreciate some feedback on how useful and effective you find the different elements of the report format.

If you could fill in the following Microsoft Form after reading your child’s report, it would be hugely appreciated:

Comic Relief – Red Nose Day

On Friday, the whole school had a great day fundraising for Comic Relief – where children came to school dressed in something red.

Just after lunch, we held a KS1 and KS2 joke competition – where 20 children’s jokes were shortlisted. These children then shared their joke with the rest school, and an eventual winner was chosen for each by means of the volume of applause.


In KS1, our winning pupil was Joey. KS2 was a little harder to judge with it first being impossible to choose between Ted, Libby, Will S and Edward . After a retelling of their jokes and a remeasure of their applause, Ted was chosen as our KS2 winning joke.


Our two winners of each key stage then went to head-to-head as the “whole-school best joke”. After a very close applause volume, Joey was declared the winner.


Check out the shortlisted jokes below:

Joey (whole-school and KS1 winner): “What’s the best present to receive?    ….   A broken drum… You just can’t beat it!”

Ted (KS2 winner): “Knock, knock.”    …   “Who’s there?”   …   “Boo”  …   “Boo who?”   …   “It’s only a joke. There’s no need to cry!”

Libby (KS2 finalist): “What do you call a flying monkey?   …   A hot-air baboon.”

Edward (KS2 finalist): “What’s the best thing about Switzerland?   …   I don’t know, but the flag’s a big plus!”

Will S (KS2 finalist): “Why couldn’t the pony sing?   …   Because it was a little horse!”

Penny: “What did one eye say to the other?   …   Something between us smells!”

Isabelle T: “What do you call a potato wearing glasses?   …   A spec-tata!”

Grace: “What do you call a witch at the beach?   …   A sand-witch!”

Robin: “How do apes open a door?   …   Using a mon-key!”

Jayden: “What did one plate say to another?   …   Dinner’s on me!”

Isabelle J: “Someone in this audience is a owl…”      ———     “Who?”

Sam R: “I’ve been practising woodwork for ages   …   I think I’ve finally nailed it!”

Jorge: “I have a joke about paper   …   I can’t share it though: it’s tearable!”

Harry A: “I phoned up to book a pizza   …  When I’d finished, I asked if it would be long   …  They said, “No, it’ll probably be round.”

Ellie: “Is your fridge running?”   …    “Yes”   …   “You better go catch it then!”

Abigail: “What do you call an elephant that doesn’t matter?   …   An irrelephant!”

Stan: “What do you call a dinosaur that’s asleep?   …   A dino-snore!”

Isabel Y: “What did the horse say when he tripped over?   …   Help! I’ve fallen over, and I can’t giddy up!”

Zac: “What time did the boy go to the dentist?   …   Tooth-hurty”

George B: “What the penguin get from the genie in the lamp?   …   Three fishes!”

Archie R: “There’s two cows in a field   …   One says to the other: “Have you heard about this mad cow’s disease that’s going around?”   …  The other replies: ” Yeah, I know. It makes me grateful that I’m a penguin!””


Well done to all of those that submitted jokes – including those that weren’t unfortunately shortlisted! And thank you for all your kind donations for Comic Relief – we raised £145.80 in total!

Parent Governor Election

Following our nominations for the role of Parent Governor ( , we would like to confirm that Steph Boxall will be continuing with in her role as Parent Governor.

Thank you to Steph, and the rest of the Governing body, for giving up their time in the vital role they have in school.

Kids with bricks – vote now

Hi we would be grateful if you could vote for our winning creation.


This week was the Easter Bunny


Thank You

New Uniform Alternative

Following on from our recent news about an alternative school uniform top (, we can now confirm that Lads and Lasses are now stocking our thicker hooded option.

Shropshire Council Support Information

Shropshire Council have asked us to share the following workshops and information:

Understanding Your Child Sessions

Parenting Support Line

Sleep Workshop 

Arthog 24-25 Update

Following the questionnaire sent out a couple of weeks ago regarding next year’s Y5/6 residential trip (, we would like to confirm that we have booked our place at Arthog for next academic year (25.11.24 – 29.11.24)


The questionnaire unanimously voiced the importance of a residential (something which we whole-heartedly agree with). We understand the small number of concerns about the November date – as well as the cost. We did explore multiple different options – but found that, although there was availability in the Summer Term at other locations, Arthog still proved to be considerably cheaper – as well as providing a wider range of acivities and experiences.


Please rest assured that Arthog will have fully risk assessed all activities (and they run activities throughout the whole year – including the even colder months). It is likely that some of the more weather-dependent activities, such as surfing and sea-kayaking will not be possible (these activites are often not possible for all groups in the summer anyway); however, the bulk of the usual activites will still be the same (as well as the possibility of some activities that we have never done before!).


We will also continue exploring ways in which we can reduced the overall cost (including the additional transport costs).


So that you have a clear picture (especially with it being in the Autumn term of next year), here is an estimated timescale of things between now and the eventual trip:

  • Return from Arthog: 29/11/24
  • Leave for Arthog: 25/11/24
  • Final payments required: First week back of next academic year (approx. 06.09.24)
  • Deposit required: 25/05/24


We will share more information as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, if anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate in getting in touch.

“Champ the Tiger” – FOBCS

Congratulations to Aubrey – who was the winner of the FOBCS Easter Tiger.

FOBCS raised £71.70 with this fundraiser!


The cubbyholes will hopefully be arriving, and staff will be installing them, over the Easter holidays for a return in the summer term.

Kids with bricks – vote now

Hi we would be grateful if you could vote for our winning creation.


This week was the Easter Bunny


Thank You