Published on: 15th April, 2024

Newsletter – 12.04.24


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Class Organisation (Next Academic Year – September 2024)

Please see the letter below on information regarding plans for our class structure next year:

Class Organisation – PDF Version

New Cubbyholes!

Over the Easter break, staff put together and installed our new cubbyholes to replace our coat pegs – which were becoming an issue in terms of keeping children’s bags/coats organised.
A big thank you to FOBCS – who raised the money that was used to purchase these!
Also, another big thanks to Mrs. Heath and Mrs, Godfrey for helping with putting the units together and to Miss Greenan, Mrs. Godfrey and Mrs. Robinson for helping paint the custom-made backs for the units!

Friends of Brown Clee School (FOBCS) meeting – 16/04/2024

The Friends of Brown Clee School (FOBCS) will be holding their next meeting on Tuesday 16th April at 5.30pm here in the school.

They are looking forward to discussing ideas for fund raising and what to spend this on in the summer term.  Everyone is welcome to come to the meeting.

Corner Exotics – Simon Airey

This afternoon, Grasshoppers and Fireflies had a visit from Simon, from Corner Exotics. We all learnt so much about the world and the animals that live in it. In particular, those from Australia and those animals with similar adaptations.

A blue tongued skink, carpet python, boa constrictor, hedgehog, chinchilla, scorpion, giant spiny stick insect, tarantulas, Australian green tree frog, African bullfrog, leopard gecko and an East Australian bearded dragon.

We all had a great afternoon and the children were fearless!


Arthog – Initial Letter 2024

See letter below regarding the Arthog residential visit for next academic year (2024-25).

PDF Versions

Initial Letter
Kit List
Consent Form
Arthog Information Leaflet