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Good Afternoon,

I hope that everyone has had an enjoyable Christmas despite the last minute change in guidance, and has also managed to make the most of the wintery weather whilst staying safe!  We nearly had a white Christmas!

This afternoon we have had it confirmed by the Minister of Education that most primary schools will be opening as planned next week – which for us is on Tuesday 5th January as Monday is a PD for teachers.

We have also been informed that Shropshire is entering Tier 3 (Very High Alert) of Covid19 restrictions as of tomorrow, and the government is describing the situation as ‘precarious’ and ‘pretty grim’.  I would like to urge everyone to follow the social distancing guidance, and to also ensure that we can keep our class ‘bubbles’ apart. This distancing and spacing is what is helping to minimise any risk of spreading the virus within the community and putting lives at risk, and also reduces the chance of needing to close a class, or even worse, the school.

Care Club

With this in mind, I would like to request that parents only use Care Club if it is absolutely essential. The government briefing stated that “Covid loves a crowd” and as we cannot socially distance within our classrooms, it is so important that we keep classes apart from each other, so that if we were to have a positive case, we would only need to close one class.  We are having to host Care Club in the hall, in a joint space, so this increases the risk of virus spread. So please, only use this service if it is vital.  We appreciate that this may be inconvenient, but with Tier 3 (very High Alert) restrictions, the guidance states “everyone who can work effectively from home should do so.”

Covid Symptoms/Self-Isolation

It is really important that parents keep schools fully informed if anyone in their household has symptoms of Covid19.  If this happens, then the family needs to isolate and book a Covid19 test.  We kindly request that you let school know when the test is booked for, and also let us know the results as soon as you have them – we monitor schools emails out-of-hours. P

Please use or

This is so important, as if a test was to come back positive we will need to follow Track and Trace procedures to ensure that we can minimise the risk of spread.  It is also important, as it allows teachers to know who requires remote-learning.

Remote Learning

If children do have to isolate, and are well, then the expectation is that they participate in remote learning.  This will happen via email from your child’s teacher, and there is an expectation that the work is emailed back to the teacher to allow for feedback and ensure that learning continues.

Morning and Afternoon Procedures

I thought it would be helpful to remind parents of some of the procedures to ensure that we can continue to operate as successfully in the Spring Term as we did last term.  Please note that we have ‘tightened’ the timings to a specific time as opposed to a window – as this was what was working well in the Autumn Term.

Morning Drop-Off

Timings: Class 2 and 4: 08:45

Class 1 and 3: 08:55

  • Class 3 and 4 access via Top-Gate / Class 1 and 2 access via main entrance gate.
  • Siblings to arrive at the earlier time via choice of entrance (but please ensure distance from other children).
  • Doors will be shut at 09:00. If your child is in Class 2 or 4 and you are running late, please arrive after 08:55 to allow Class 1 and 3 to enter. All late arrivals should bring children to the reception, knock on the window, and we will direct children to their appropriate entrance; however we do emphasise the importance of being punctual.
  • Please do not drop children at the Top Gate before 08:45.

Afternoon Collection

Timings: Class 1 and 3: 15:05

Class 2 and 4: 15:15

  • Class 3 and 4 children will depart from the Top Gate / Class 1 and 2 to be collected from the playground using the 2m yellow spot markings.
  • Siblings to be collected at the later time.
  • Parents of Class 3 and 4 children are reminded to remain on the pavement area and to respect local residents property.

I would like to thank all parents and families for your support last term, as you played a vital part in ensuring that we could operate safely and ensure all our children could receive the high quality educational experience that they deserve.  The Brown Clee children excelled themselves with returning to school in September, and it has been wonderful having the school functioning fully again – despite being in a slightly different manner.  With the news of the vaccines there is hope on the horizon that we can once again get back to normal, so with that in mind I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy New Year, and am looking forwards to welcoming everyone back to school next Tuesday morning.

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