Religious Education and Collective Worship

RE in Brown Clee CE Primary School is taught in accordance with the requirements of the Shropshire Agreed Syllabus 2014. RE has a special status as part of the basic curriculum but not the National Curriculum. This means that RE has equal standing in relation to the National curriculum subjects but it is not subject to statutorily prescribed national attainment targets, programmes of study and assessment arrangements, which would be compulsory for all pupils.

Religious Education at our school is centred around fourteen key questions (see the Shropshire Agreed Syllabus 2014). Six key concepts are explored through the questions: Identity, Diversity and Belonging, Practices and Ways of Life, Expressing Meaning, Values and Commitments, Beliefs, Teachings and Sources and Meaning, Purpose and Truth.

The Shropshire Agreed Syllabus says that: ‘Religious Education should enhance learning through helping children: to learn about religion: developing knowledge and understanding of religious experiences, insights, beliefs and practices to learn from religion: to deepen or realise their own beliefs and respect the freedom of other people to hold beliefs different from their own, so preparing them for adult life as citizens in a plural society to develop an awareness of a spiritual dimension to life to develop an awareness that many people believe human life depends on an ultimate being or sustaining creative power, often referred to as God’
Our scheme of work will ensure that Christianity is included in each key stage.

In Reception and Key Stage 1, Christianity and Buddhism are taught.

In Key Stage 2, Christianity, and two faiths  Hinduism and Judaism  are taught.

Children will also explore a wide range of historically significant religions throughout their thematic work.

To understand Christianity better, an understanding of Judaism and Old Testament is useful and important. Other faiths will be referred to e.g. at times of celebrations and in relation to other topic themes e.g. in relation to geographical location units or other RE questions from the Agreed Syllabus.

Parents have the right to request that their child is withdrawn for Religious Education. Please contact the headteacher in the first instance if you feel this is something you wish to do.


To see what your child will be learning in R.E., have a look at the class information pages: