This skill applies to working within both formal and informal teams, and also with customers, clients or other stakeholders. Initially, this is about individuals fulfilling expectations around being positive, behaving appropriately, being timely and reliable and taking responsibility. This extends to understanding and respecting diversity of others’ cultures, beliefs and backgrounds.

The next steps focus on making a contribution to a team through group decision making recognising the value of others’ ideas and encourage others to contribute too.Beyond that, individuals improve their teams through managing conflict and building relationships beyond the immediate team. At the top steps, individuals focus on how they influence their team through suggesting improvements and learning lessons from setbacks.

Skills Builder provide a Homezone to help parents develop their essential skills and there are some fantastic resources available. Click the following link to find out more:

Help Your Child Learn Teamwork Skills

Read this story about the skill of Teamwork together. Listen out for times when the characters work positively together as a team.

When you have finished the story, talk about:

How did Sam and his friends work together positively?

  • How did they help each other?
  • When did they share or take turns?
  • Were they kind to each other?
  • Did Sam encourage his team?