Speaking Skills

This skill is all about how to communicate effectively with others, being mindful of whether they are talking to customers, colleagues or other stakeholders and in different settings. Initially, this skill focuses on being able to speak clearly – first with well known individuals and small groups and then with those who are not known.

The next stage is about being an effective speaker by making points logically, by thinking about what listeners already know and using appropriate language, tone and gesture. Beyond that, individuals focus on speaking engagingly through use of facts and examples, visual aids, and their expression and gesture.

Beyond that stage, speakers will be adaptive to the response of their listeners and ready for different scenarios.

Skills Builder provide a Homezone to help parents develop their essential skills and there are some fantastic resources available. Click the following link to find out more:

Help Your Child Learn Speaking Skills

Read this story about the skill of Speaking together. Listen out for times when characters share information and speak clearly

When you have finished the story, talk about:

  • What happened in the story?
  • What questions did each of the characters answer?
  • What idea did Gina share with her team?