Aiming High

This skill is about being able to plan effectively – both to achieve organisational goals, and also to set their own personal development targets. Initially, this is about knowing when something is too difficult, and having a sense of what doing well looks like for an individual.

The focus is then about working with care and attention, taking pride in success and having a positive approach to new challenges. Building on this, individuals set goals for themselves, informed by an understanding of what is needed, and then be able to order and prioritise tasks, secure resources and involve others effectively.

At the higher steps, the focus is creating plans informed by an individual’s skill set, with clear targets, and building on external views.

Skills Builder provide a Homezone to help parents develop their essential skills and there are some fantastic resources available. Click the following link to find out more:

Help Your Child Learn to Aim High

Read this story about the skill of Aiming High together. Listen out for times when characters find tasks easy or difficult.

When you have finished the story, talk about:

  • What happened in the story?
  • What did different characters find difficult?
  • What did Jake find easier?