Home Learning – Tuesday 26th January

Good morning everyone!

It looked like you were having lots of fun in the snow yesterday. Make sure you stop work and enjoy the snow again, while it’s here!

Home Learning – Daily Activities 26.1.21

Year 1 Phonics – ‘ch’ and ‘tch’


Complete the Spellzone activity


‘ch’ and ‘tch’ Wordsearch – tch ch Wordsearch

Year 2 Phonics – ‘j’ spelt ‘g’ and ‘j’


Year 2 Phonics PowerPoint

Year 2 Term 1A Week 5 ppt j spelt j or g

‘g’ and ‘j’ Wordsearch – ‘g’ or ‘j’ Word Search

English – Billy and the Minpins

PowerPoint  – Billy and the Minpins – Short Story

Word document

Billy and the minpins secret place story starter

Story sheet – Billy and the Minpins Story Start

Maths – Super Movers Warm Up


Year 1 – Complete the worded multiplication problems

Multiplication Year 1 Worded pictures 1

Multiplication Year 1 Worded pictures 2

Year 2 – Multiplication : Times tables

Times tables 2,5 & 10 ppt

Reading – The Great Fire of London


Handwriting – r and b


History – The Great Fire of London


Activity sheet and sentences – Great fire Why did the fire spread statements and worksheet