Home Learning – Tuesday 19th January

Good morning everyone!

I hoped you all enjoyed watching the video messages yesterday of some of your friends.

I hope you manage to find a break in the rain to get out for a walk today!

Home Learning – Daily Activities 19.1.21

Year 1 Phonics PowerPoint – ff & ss

Year 1 Term 1A Week 1 ppt ff ss

Wordsearch – Year 1 Term 1A Week 1 Word Search ff ss

The ff sound video


the ss sound video


Year 2 Phonics PowerPoint – kn & gn

Year 2 Term 1A ppt kn gn

Wordsearch – Year 2 Term 1A Week 1 Word Search kn gn

English – Billy & the Minpins


Maths Year 1 & Year 2

Leaf Multiplication – Leaf Multiplication ppt

Year 2 – 2 Times-Table


Year 2 worksheets – Year 2 The-2-times-table

Handwriting – Letter 0

Reading – Tips from Michael Rosen


History – The Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London The Beginning ppt


Why were Tudor streets so dirty?