Hive Game – Results (+ update)

This week, the number taking part in hive games has become quite low, which is absolutely fine – they’re only there if you would like to take part. To help with this, we will only have one set of hive games each week (which will be on a Monday).

The times of these games will change slightly too. We will have the same set up, but with the first game starting at 2:00pm.


So, the next games will be next Monday – where there will be four hive games as follows:

– Game 1 (Y3/4 words – Medium difficulty) – 2:00pm
– Game 2 (Y3/4 words – Extreme difficulty) – 2:05pm
– Game 3 (Y5/6 words – Easy difficulty) – 2:10pm
– Game 4 (Y5/6 words – Hard difficulty) – 2:15pm


Anyone from Class 3 or 4 can join any of the games.


Here’s today’s results:

Game 1:
1.) George R
2.) Zak

Game 3:
1.) Zak



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