History – British timeline

In history, Year 6 have been looking at the bigger picture of British history – eventually creating a scaled timeline. First, we worked out how long ago we needed to start our timelines. The first recorded tool use in hominids (includes modern and early humans) was around 3.4 million years. Using this as our starting point, we found out that the vast majority of “history” was in fact considered “The Stone Age”. We broke the Stone Age in to its three separate periods (Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic) to see how long each of these were too.

This was our first timeline. It was really clear from this the vast extent of the Paleolithic Period. On this timeline, we then worked out when modern humans (Homo sapiens) would fit.


Realising that we would need to draw a separate timeline to show the breakdown of Post-Stone-Age Britain (the light blue section of the timeline above), we created a second timeline with a much smaller scale. We then worked out the extent of each period in British history and plotted these onto our second timeline – including some key dates and events. Here are a couple of the “post-Stone-Age Britain” timelines.

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