Good Morning Brown Clee!

Good Morning!  I know this is technically the Easter Holiday – and there is no set work from the teachers, but because these are such strange days, and people might be missing contact, I thought we’d still say good morning!  I will be setting a ‘Thunk’ of the day each day and sharing a song!

The children are used to thinking and talking about ‘Thunks’ – but here is a little explanation and the rules that go with them:-

  • Thunks are thought provoking statement, questions or pictures, that we have a moment to consider and ponder before responding.
  • There are no wrong or right answers.
  • We have to provide a reason or explanation for our response.
  • We listen and respond respectfully.

Here is the THUNK of the day for today!

If you wish to share your ponderings about this THUNK, then please email them to and I will share!

Here’s a little Easter song as we approach the Easter weekend!