Good Morning Brown Clee!

Another sunny day!  We had some interesting thoughts on the THUNK from yesterday: “What’s the greatest illusion? That life should be perfect”.  Here are the thoughts…

  • There is no such thing as perfect (in my opinion). We all have different ideas about what we want from life. We might want the sun to shine everyday, but would that be perfect? What would happen to the earth if the sun shone everyday and we had no rain? We might want to never have any disagreements, but do we want all our opinions to be the same? Do we all want to look the same, wear the same clothes, think the same things? Would that be perfect? If life was perfect, would it be exciting?
  • What is perfect? As surely we can always improve what we are doing, whether it is a picture, a story, a maths problem or playing a piece of music. If we thought we were perfect at something would we then give up getting any better?
  • I think it depends on what the ‘perfect’ thing is – as everyone will have their own idea of perfect, so perfect can be different for different people.

Fantastic thinking – and thanks for sharing!

Here is the THUNK for today….from the Bible:-

And here’s a cheerful Easter song to brighten your day!



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