Good Morning Brown Clee!

Another lovely day, and another ‘THUNK of the day’!  Yesterday’s THUNK “Is black a colour” provoked this thought from Miss Greenan:

“Black to me is a shade or a mood. We use black to represent sadness, mourning, shadows, dullness, darkness, negativity. When asked about happy colours black is rarely or never chosen. In art, black can be used to shade areas or to show night time or darkness.”

I also wondered if black is just a lack of light – so darkness?

Anyway – today’s THUNK, especially for Rosie B, who enjoys the book by Charlie Mackesey, “The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse” so much…What does this page from the book make you think?

Here’s a song to sing along to as you play/work outside in the garden!


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