Friday Forest School Acivity

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well. I know those of you not in School at the moment are busy with the weekly activities Mrs Morris has set.  I am providing a Friday Forest School Activity for you to do if you would like to. This week I have taken inspiration from your brilliant work on The Titanic. It does involve a little water so make sure you are with an adult when you test it out! Have fun!

Mrs Cains

Leaf and twig boats

Challenge your family to a raft race with your own handmade boats.

  1. Collect some twigs roughly the same length.
  2. Place them in a line and fasten them together with string or long grass.
  3. Slot an upright stick into the base of your raft – this will be your mast.
  4. Thread a leaf or two onto the stick to make your sails.

When they’re finished, try your rafts out on the nearest puddle or stream. Make sure you have an adult with you and be careful.  For an extra challenge why not add some cargo? Load small pebbles or stones, do they still float or do they sink with the added weight? Have a competition to see which boat can travel the fastest or furthest.

Take a photo or draw a picture of your raft or boat.

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