Forest School Visitor

In our Forest School session yesterday afternoon, we were very lucky to have a visitor, called Lucy. She came to talk to the children about dormice as there have been signs of them on our site. Hazel nuts had been found that had the tell-tale signs that they had been eaten by dormice. The children examined nuts to see if they could find those that had a smooth inner rim with tooth marks at an angle to the hole on the surface.

The children were able to see a scale replica of a dormouse made out of wool. Lucy has put up two nest boxes in the forest school site which any dormice can use for hibernation. The children looked at a nest which had been made by a dormouse. They use stripped bark, leaves and moss and weave them tightly, forming a sphere.

Lucy also set up a footprint tunnel so that we can look for evidence of the dormice. This has ink inside and a strip of paper so footprints can be recorded. The ink is made out of charcoal and olive oil.

We had a really enjoyable afternoon and learnt a lot about this shy, nocturnal animal.

To read more about dormice click on the link below.

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