Daily Activities – Monday 23.3.20

Good morning everyone!

Most of you have got the pack that I sent home with some maths, reading comprehensions and grammar work, along with a yellow exercise book for working in. If you didn’t, don’t worry. The work in the packs is to dip into whenever you like. Each day I will set work for everybody on our class page. If you haven’t got the yellow exercise book, you could use your own book or use paper.

Click below on the links for all the activities and resources you will need for today.

Daily Activities 23.3.20

Spelling steps lists

Money Year 1 (23.3.20)

Money Year 2 (23.3.20)

Saltwater Crocodile facts

Let’s Go Heroes Dance

Have a go and let me know how you get on! Hopefully you will be able to open all the documents. We’ll try things out and see what works best for us. Please let me know of what works well and what doesn’t!
Thank you for your support, take care of yourselves.