Daily Activities – 23.4.20

Good morning Class 2!

Thank you for the emails you have sent so far, I look forward to receiving them each day.

I hope you enjoy the activities for today, along with plenty of time making the most of the lovely weather.

Daily Activities 23.4.20

Year 1 Phonics – Adding -e  -es to make the plural

Year 1 – Play Wordsearch and Against the clock – Click below


Year 2 Phonics – ‘r’ spelt ‘wr’ – Play Wordsearch and Against the Clock – Click below


Year 2 Phonics – Spelling Frame Games – Click below


Year 1 – Lesson 4: Find a half

Year 1 – Lesson 4: Work slides


Year 2 – Lesson 4: Measure length (m)

Year 2 – Lesson 4: Work slides


There is an alternative presentation of the story if you would like to have a look at it:

Google – ‘Lighthouse keepers lunch communication for all’    Then click on the 1st result and then on Story presentation for the PowerPoint.

Lighthouse Keepers Lunch storyboard