Daily Activities 22nd May

Good morning Class 1. Today is the last day before half term break. There will be no remote activities throughout half term. After half term, the format of the remote learning activities will be changing as I will be in school. Miss Relph will be sending out further information on what will possibly be happening after the 1st June. Please keep an eye out on the website or check your emails during half term.

Take care and have a lovely half term break!

Mrs Fox

Daily Activities 22.5.20

Forest school: Make a nature collage- Nature offers some of the best art supplies around. Collect as many resources as you can find and use them to create a beautiful collage.


Year 1- Keep practising your spellings. Take a test, if you get them all correct let me know and I will move you onto the next level.

Reception- I have been looking at Spelling Shed to see who has been on there and I am pleased to say that most of you have been on within the last week. Well done! If you have not been on this week, now is the time to go on and practise the sounds we have been learning this week.


Reception: odds and evens number sort-  T-N-1093-Odd-and-Even-Number-Sorting-Activity_ver_1

Year 1’s- Karate cat maths- Practise addition and subtraction- start on bronze level. https://www.bbc.co.uk/games/embed/karate-cats-2?exitGameUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fbbc.com%2Fbitesize%2Farticles%2Fzf4sscw

Music- make your own musical instrument : t2-t-10000420-make-a-musical-instrument-activity