Class 4 – Weekly Activities – w/c 22.06

I hope everyone has had a good week.


As always, if you have any questions, or you’re sending work in, you can still email and Mrs Heath will be able to help with anything.


Remember, the most important thing you can be doing during this closure period is to make sure that you are regularly reading.



Year 5

You have already completed this week’s WhiteRose activities earlier in the lockdown; therefore, here are a set of different activities.

Here are this week’s videos and their relevant worksheets/answers:
Year 5 – w/c 22.06


Year 6

If you click this link (, it will take you to the WhiteRose home learning page for year 6. From there, you can access the relevant videos by opening up the correct week. We are on “Summer Term – Week 7 (w/c 8th June)”.


Here are the relevant worksheets and answers for this week:




Here is this week’s part of chapter 7 of The Graveyard Book. You don’t have to listen to the whole thing on one day; you can break it up over the week.



Here’s a few reading comprehension activity for this week (answers are included):

Fa Cup
William Shakespeare
Tour De France



Here’s a writing booklet for you to try this week.

Wizards – Writing Booklet

You can either print it off or do your work on paper/a book.



Energize – Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin, the organiser of “The Shropshire Homes School Sports Festival” have started a virtual school games competition. They release an activity/challenge each week – which can be complete by a child. If you then wish, parents/carers can send an email of scores – along with photos/video evidence – as an entry to each week’s competition to are participation certificates, winners’ medals, wrist bands and t-shirts


All information can be found here:
and here is also letter from EnergizeSTW with more info: Virtual_School_Games_Important_Information


This week’s challenge is tennis:


As well as, or instead of, sending your videos/photos in to Energize, you could also send them to – where Mrs Heath will be able to share your videos on the school website.



Here’s this week’s art activity:



This week’s computing session is on “How do you know you can trust a website?”

If you click the link to this website (, and follow through the activities.





Other activities (links)

If you’re looking for other activities to do at home, here are list of free websites you could try:



BBC Bitesize – Daily Lessons
Oak National Academy – Free lessons



STEM – activities at home
The Children’s University of Science – University of Manchester
30 ways to go wild with science
National Geographic Kids – Science



Premier League – Supermovers
East Shropshire Sports Partnership – Twitter
Just Dance – YouTube



Learn to touch type



National Geographic Kids – Geography
3D Geography facts
World Geography Games



The Children’s University of History – University of Manchester
National Geographic Kids – History



10 Pieces at Home – BBC
Music Express



The Children’s University of Languages – University of Manchester



First News – Free Digital Download Newspaper
Myths and Legends
Pobble365 – Daily Story Activities
Reading Realm – Free Resources/lessons
Reading Realm – Fairy tales activities
Reading Realm – Nature and animal activities
OxfordOwl – Free ebooks
Spelling Shed



Nrich – Maths at home
Times Tables Rockstars