Class 4 – Remote Learning – 27.01.21

Good morning.


Here’s this week’s rough timetable of what this week would look like if we were in school. Again, the amount of work isn’t going to be as much as if we were in school, but you may find it useful to follow. If you’d rather structure your day a different way, please feel free.


Here are today’s EBM questions: EBM – 27.01


Maths: Introducing Line Graphs

This week, we are going to begin looking at some different types of charts and graphs. Today, we are to start exploring line graphs.


Here is today’s video – which talks through this idea with some diagrams and calculations: 

Here is the worksheet: Maths – Introducing line graphs – 27.01


Maths: Extension

Here are some optional questions for you to have a go at today after finishing the main activity if you want something a bit more challenging.

Maths Extension – 27.01


Sentence / Fragment / Run-on

As we usually do in school, here is a Sentence / Fragment / Run-on task:

The first page is just information / a recap on the difference is between an sentence, a fragment and a run-on.

Sentence, Fragment, Run-on – 27.01


English: Relative Clause

Today, we are going to explore relative clauses – another feature of writing which may be useful when writing non-chronological reports.

Here is the link for this:

Please try and make sure you complete all the activities in the video for this as well as the quiz – but, more importantly, think really careful about what it is you are learning about.


Class Read



Here is your spelling activity for today: -tial (2)

It continues with our -tial pattern.


Independent Reading

As always you should be trying to read every day. However, as we would usually do after spellings (in school), it would be great if you could spend an extra 30 minutes reading.



In music, we are going to build on the work we did last week, on beat and rhythm, to explore basic musical notation in more depth.


As this is a practical session, you will need to join along with the video.



Today, in P.E., we are going to build on what we looked at last session on maximising the distance of our vertical jumping to maxmising the distance of our standing long jump.

First, we need to do a warm-up. If you would like, you could do this Just Dance as your warm-up or you can come up with your own warm-up activity.

Before we staring looking at standing long jump, it would good if we could recap what we did last time with our vertical jumping. Have a watch of the video again and spend about 5 minutes practising your vertical jump technique.


Here is a video which discusses an effective standing long jump technique. Have a watch of it. Once you think you’ve got your head around the technique points involved, have a go at jumping yourself. You may want to go back and watch the video a few times in between your jumps. Please make sure you have a safe surroundings before you start!

Again, try and spend about 20-30 minutes doing this – and remember, even though it is very practical, P.E. is a subject like any other and you need to think carefully about what it is you are learning to do.


Virtual School Library

As you all know, reading (and listening to stories) is one of the most important activity you can do. Here is virtual library. A new author is uploaded each week and one of their books is made available for FREE as a pdf and audiobook. So far, 2 authors have been included.

Virtual School Library | Oak Academy


As always, please email me ( any question if you are confused with or don’t understand anything.


I look forward to hearing from you.

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