Class 4 – Remote Learning – 14.01.21

Good morning all!


Here is a rough timetable of this week again. If you’d rather structure your day a different way, please feel free.


Meet Larry Live Session

Lots of you have been asking about the live session on Friday. This is completely optional (you can join if you want to or not). If you do join, we will be meeting as a class virtually (in other words, you will be able to see and hear each other).  It will be an informal session (however there will be some rules) and you will get to see Larry (the axolotl in his tank) and see him being fed. The session will start at 2:00pm and will be about 30-60 minutes long.


If you do wish to join on Friday, can you please email me to let me know – so that I can send an invite to only those that wish to. Can you also let me know which email you would like to join on. It will probably work better on your student email accounts; however, for whatever reason, I can send invites to a different email if you would prefer.


You may find it useful to download the Teams app/program beforehand in preparation (you can access Teams without the app/program if you would prefer). Teams can be downloaded on apple, windows and android devices (as well as others).

For those that email me indicating they wish to join, I will send the information on how to join tomorrow.



Here are some EBM questions for you to have a go at before maths:

EBM – 14.01



Please make sure you take the time to watch the video and listen carefully to what is being said. If you need to, you can re-watch it.

Today’s lesson in putting fractions onto a number line. It will require some knowledge on mixed numbers and improper fractions from last week and a bit of knowledge on equivalent fractions from this week.


Here is the video link:

Here is the worksheet: Fractions on a Number Line (W2)


If you have any issues with the video, please let me know.


Maths: Extension

Here are some more extension question – if you feel like more of a challenge after finishing your main task. Questions 3 and 4 are particularly difficult!

Maths Extension – 14.01


Sentence / Fragment / Run-on

As we usually do in school, here is a Sentence / Fragment / Run-on task:

Sentence, Fragment, Run-on 14.01

The first page is just the information / a recap on the difference is between an sentence, a fragment and a run-on again.



Today, in English we are going to recap some of the work we did on word types from last term. As this was quite a long time ago, here is a recap of the different word types we have covered this year.

The first page of this explains each word type, so please take the time to read it carefully, and remember this is recapping things you have already learnt so think carefully about what you can remember.

Word types


Class Read




Here’s today’s text: Vi Spy – Maz Evans (p2) – Text

Here’s today’s questions: Vi Spy – Maz Evans (p2) – Questions




In R.E., we often look at the bigger picture of the bible. In class, we have the art work that depicts this. You can see it here: Understanding_Christianity_Frieze_Panels2


These panels, once pieced together, create an image that looks like this:

As a recap, these panels show:
– Panel 1: Creation
– Panel 2: Fall
– Panel 3 and 4: People of God
– Panel 5: Incarnation
– Panel 6: Gospel
– Panel 7: Salvation
– Panel 8: Kingdom of God


Your task today is to see what elements from the bible you can find in these images.

Here are some ideas of things you could look for (there are loads more):
– Adam and Eve
– The lost sheep
– The Nativity
– Feeding of the 5,000
– Jesus’ cross
– David and Golaith
– Gates of heaven
– Peter healing the lame beggar
– Any words relating to stories or ideas from the bible

Here is a table to help you set this out:

Table – Big picture of Bible panels



In P.E., we are going to build on what have been learning about on pacing (from Tuesday) to trying to keep to a pace over a longer period of time.

You can use the same space as you did on Tuesday for this task:

  • What you need to do first is to time how long it takes you to run just one lap of whatever you have made to be a lap as quickly as you can.
  • Once you have got a time, I would like you to double it – e.g. if you ran one of your laps in 30 seconds, your new time is 60 seconds.
  • You’re then going to try and run as many laps of your “course”; however, you are going to try and run at a speed so that it takes your doubled time to complete one lap – e.g. if you ran your quickest and your time was 30 seconds, then when you run this time, you are going to have to run slower so that it takes you 60 seconds to complete each lap (or as close as you can to it).
  • What you should find as you are running your laps is that you may need to speed up (if your time is over) or slow down if your time is under.
  • It would be useful if you could have another person help you with this – as they would be able to tell you your time as complete each lap (and whether you need to do the next lap quicker or slower).
  • You will run as many laps as you can until you are too tired to continue. If you are finding it hard to do one lap after another, you could rest in between your laps (but only if you really need to).


As always, please email me ( any question if you are confused with or don’t understand anything.


I look forward to hearing from you.

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