Class 4 – Remote Learning – 02.03.21

Good morning.

As mentioned, the plan with our activities over the next week will be to focus on practising key skills to help prepare for the return back to school.


Here is a basic overview of the week. As always, you don’t need to follow this if you don’t wish to.



Today’s focused practice is our understanding of equals.

Equals, more than and less than



I would like you all to have a go at  Q1 and 2 of the extension questions. For those of you feeling up for a challenge, you could also have a go at Q3 and 4. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you could also have a go at the challenge question.

Barvember – Q 1-4 and Challenge



Today in English, we are going to continue looking at some sentence skills:

Sentence Skills – (2)


Whole-class Reading

Over the next week, we will have a WCR session every day. With today’s text, you only need to read pages 1 – 6. The second half of this chapter will be tomorrow’s session.

Brightstorm – T

Brightstorm – Q



Here is your spelling activity for today: ible&able – (1)




For D.T., we are going to look at using our creativity, problem solving and resourcefulness. Your task is to build a boat (obviously, a miniature one and not a full-size one!).

The 3 key design features of your boat will be that it floats, it’s waterproof and that it can carry something. You can make it from whatever you want.



Physical Activity

As mentioned last week, we won’t be doing P.E. this week. However, it would be great if you could do some additional physical activity each day.

For your daily physical activity, I would like you to run, cycle or walk every day (it could just be around your garden – even if it’s quite small!). Then, if you could send me in the distance you have completed (it could be an estimate if you’re not sure), that would be great. A picture of you completing your activity would also be great if you can! The recommended daily physical activity for children (aged 6-17) is at least 60 minutes over a whole day, so for this particular physical activity you could aim for at least 30 minutes.

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