Class 4 – Daily Activities – 15.05

Good morning. Before you check out today’s activities, here are yesterday’s answers.

If you missed a maths video/lesson or want to revisit something, here are the previous posts.


As always, you don’t have to do these activities at a set time or in a set order – that’s all up to you. Also, you don’t have to be doing work all day! Feel free to send in some pictures or videos of some of the other things you have been doing at home.


Spelling Shed

Our next hive games will be next Monday.



Early Bird Maths


Year 5 maths:

Y5 maths video:

Click the link below to go to the video clip. You can pause it if you need to.


Y5 maths activity:



Year 6 maths:

Y6 maths video:

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Y6 maths activity:



Extension – Problems of the Day





Last week, we finished the final chapters of Pax. If you’ve missed any of the chapters and want to hear them again, here’s a link to all the previous posts since Easter.

Here is the 2nd part of the second chapter of The Graveyard Book. It starts just after yesterday’s ended.


Here’s some questions about what you’ve just listened to:

1.) Would you say Scarlett was a normal 5-year-old girl? Explain your answer.
2.) When they went underground, what could Bod do that Scarlett couldn’t?
3.) What did they find in the crypt?
4.) What do you think guttural means?
4.) What book does Silas ask Bod if he has read?
5.) What was odd about Silas’s reaction to Bod’s incident?
6.) At the end of the chapter, what do we find out about Scarlett?

Daily Video

A pre-warning that this video is quite sad.


Some questions to get you thinking:
1.) What do you think the girl’s name is? How do you know?
2.) What has happened to the girl?
3.) How does that make her feel?
4.) What does the girl see which makes her want to dance?
5.) How do we know a long time has passed between the girl’s mother giving her the dress and the girl dancing in her bedroom?
6.) What do you think the message is behind this story?



Henry VIII (Henry the 8th) is perhaps the most famous of Tudor kings. He made lots of changes to England – a lot of which still have impacts on life today. This being said, Henry VIII is most famous for having 6 separate wives. You task in history today is to research and find out some information about each of his 6 wives.

Here’s some ideas to some of the information you could try to find out about each of them:
– What were their names?
– What was order in which he married them?
– What happened to each of his wives which meant Henry was no longer married to them?
– Did Henry have any children with any of his wives? If so, what were their names?