Class 4 – Daily Activities – 04.05

Good morning. Before you check out today’s activities, here are Friday’s answers.

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As always, you don’t have to do these activities at a set time or in a set order – that’s all up to you. Also, you don’t have to be doing work all day! Feel free to send in some pictures or videos of some of the other things you have been doing at home.


Spelling Shed

There will be 4 hive games today:

Game 1 (slightly easier) – 2:00pm – 756563
Game 2 (slightly harder) – 2:05pm – 670904
Game 3 (hard) – 2:10pm – 259021
Game 4 (v. hard) – 2:15pm – 902700



Early Bird Maths


Year 5 maths:

Y5 maths video:

Click below to start the video clip. You can pause it if you need to.


Y5 maths activity:


Y5 – Adding-decimals-within-1-2020


Year 6 maths:

Y6 maths video:

Click below to start the video clip. You can pause it if you need to.


Y6 maths activity:


Y6 – Vertically-opposite-angles-2020

Extension – Problems of the Day:

Problems of the Day



Spot the mistakes

Hes hear, she shoutted at the top of here voice. Her mother smilled gently as she plaiced the plastic crete on top off the tabel. Amy peared intwo the the dark Space between the bars. Suddenly a high pitched bark came from the inside of the crete. The door burst open followed bi a small bundle of fur.



Here’s today’s chapter from Pax:



Daily Video

Here’s today’s animation:


Before you start your questions, I would like to point out that butterfly caterpillars don’t “climb” into their chrysalis, and that after the caterpillar sheds its final skin, the layer beneath it actually hardens over time to form a chrysalis. Moth caterpillars form a cocoon around themselves by spinning silk around themselves. Anyway, scientific accuracy aside, here are your questions:

1.) What scared the caterpillar at the start of the clip?
2.) What do the other two insects do to help the caterpillar into its chrysalis?
3.) Why do the two insects have to stay on the rock?
4.) How do you think the “caterpillar” feels when it emerges as a butterfly?
5.) How does the clip end?


As quite a few of you have said you’d like some opportunities to write stories, today’s task is to write a short story about a butterfly’s journey from a caterpillar to a moth.


You can use today’s video for inspiration. You can write your story in first person (as if you were the butterfly or something watching the butterfly) or in third person.


This is likely to take slightly longer than most writing tasks, so it can count as today’s and tomorrow’s task.



Following on with the butterfly theme, today’s science task is to draw the life cycle of a butterfly. It would be great if you could include pictures and a description of what happens at each stage.


Here’s a video showing the metamorphosis of a butterfly to help you out (it is a time-lapse video, meaning it has been sped up and it does not happen as quick as in this video):



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