Class 4 – Activities at home – 26.03.20

Before you start today, check out yesterday’s answers.


As always, you don’t have to do these activities at a set time or in a set order – that’s all up to you.


There will be 3 hive games today:

Game 1 (slightly easier) – 1:00pm – 594304
Game 2 (slightly harder) – 1:10pm – 799752
Game 3 (hard) – 1:20pm – 388369


You can join any of these hive games at any point; however, the game will not start until the time above, so make sure you’re ready to join in time.



Early Bird Maths

EBM – 26.03


Problems of the day

A quick heads up for question 3 on the blue sheet – as we hadn’t yet covered this at school this year yet – the angles inside a triangle add up to 180°. The inside angles in a square are 90°. If you’re not sure, it doesn’t matter – you don’t have to complete every question – but it’d be great if you gave it a go.



Bar Model Questions

Questions 1 and 2 with bars

Questions 3 and 4 with bars


Challenge of the day

Today’s challenge is a variation on a famous puzzle called “Einstein’s Riddle”.

To help you with this puzzle, here’s a grid to help structure your ideas:

What you need to do is work out:
– Which man lives in which house?
– Which man drinks which drink?
– Which man has which pet?
– Which man has which job?

I’d also suggest drawing a row of five boxes (each represent each house) to help with this – as the houses in the grid above are not in the correct order. You’ve got lots to work out with this challenge – so be patient!

5 Houses Problem

5 Houses Problem Frame


Sentence / Fragment / Run-on

Remember, a fragment is part of a sentence (or an incomplete idea) and a run-on is when there are two (or more) sentences not separated by a full stop, semi-colon, colon or dash.

1.) He’s over there!
2.) I love ham, I hate cheese.
3.) If you’re going out, make sure you lock the door.
4.) The cat’s got out again, make sure you bring him back this time.
6.) Running as fast as he possibly could.
7.) Silently, the shadow crept in through the window.
8.) He jumped.
9.) The princess, wearing blue trainers.
10.) Who noticed I missed out question 5?



You should all be close to finishing your newspaper article. When you do, you can have a go with this:
choose a character from any book, story or film and write a small (about half a page) character description about them. You can draw a picture of them if you like. Your character doesn’t necessarily have to be human.


Keep sending me your attempts at the P.E. challenge!


This one is very open ended. I would like you to produce a piece of art (which could even be dance or music) on whatever you want using whatever you want. It could be a drawing, painting, a sculpture, a piece of music being played, a dance, a picture made from leaves or whatever you can come up with.

Be as creative as you wish!


Remember, if you missed an activity from a previous day, and feel like doing it today, you can do so and send me a picture. I’ll keep updating the class page with all your fantastic work which is being sent in!


I hope you’re all doing well. Hopefully, we’ll all be back in school as soon as possible!




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