Class 4 – Activities at home – 25.03.20

Before you start today’s work, check out yesterday’s answers.


As always, you don’t have to do these activities at a set time or in a set order. There will be another hive game – same time as before: the code will be up on the website at 12:55pm and I will start it at 1:05pm.


We could do with some more running/walking distances to reach our target – we still have 400 miles to go!


Keep on emailing me any questions and pictures!


Early Bird Maths

EBM – 24.03

Problems of the day

Problems of the day

Bar model questions

Bar Models – 1&2 Bar Models – 3&4

Challenge of the day

Before you start this one, the circles are the “nodes” and the “edges” are the lines between the circles.

If you finished the first, have a go at this one:


Sentence / Fragment / Run-on

Remember, a fragment is part of a sentence (or an incomplete idea) and a run-on is when there are two (or more) sentences not separated by a full stop.

1.) The fox stood proudly.
2.) Until Alva gets here.
3.) Are you there?
4.) Running quickly.
5.) As quick as a flash.
6.) She’s my best friend, we have been since I was 5.
7.) Whilst you’re swimming, your brother will be playing hockey.
8.) There’s a snake in my shoe, I hope it’s not poisonous.
9.) Pizza is my favourite food it tastes delicious.
10.) The plant, which was a eerie shade of purple.


Some of you have finished your newspaper articles. If you haven’t sent me yours yet, I’d love see them.

If you do finish your newspaper article, you can have a go with this: choose a character from any book, story or film and write a small (about half a page) character description about them. You can draw a picture of them if you like. Your character doesn’t necessarily have to be human.


You have two tasks for P.E..

Task 1

Your first is to research any sport (e.g. sprinting, skiing, badminton, shot put, swimming, show jumping) and design an exercise circuit.

Here’s two examples of circuits (the first for netball and the second for football):

Think about:
–  what type of exercises they would need to do for their sport
–  how long they need to do each exercise for (do they need short fast bursts or longer slower one)
–  how many activities you wish them to do (aim for at least 7)
– how you’re going to show this (you could draw pictures with small captions next to them)

Task 2

Your second task is a physical one. You need to film yourself keeping a ball in the air without it falling to the ground as many times as you can and send me the video – and the amount of times you kept it up!

The rules:
– you have to be hitting the object to keep it up (you could be using your arms/hands, head, feet, a tennis racket, a cricket bat or a combination of more than one thing)
– you don’t have to send me the first video you do – you can have practice goes
– the ball can be any size you want it to be . If you can’t use a ball, you can use something which is like a ball – except for a balloon…

Here’s a clip of tennis player, Rafael Nadal, keeping up a tennis ball (yours doesn’t need to be this good!)

Here’s a clip of footballers, Neymar and Messi, keeping up footballs.

If you can’t send a video, a picture would be fantastic instead!



Keep up the fantastic work – and keep on sending me what you’ve been doing at home – I especially look forward to seeing your PE challenge attempts.







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