Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Unfortunately we are unable to hold our ‘live’ virtual assembly this morning as Mrs Fox and myself are interviewing to find our new Class 1 Teacher on a Friday.  But we will be live tomorrow – when we need to be thinking of saying farewell to a very special member of staff – but shhhhhhhh – we won’t mention that today!

Today, I would like us to continue to think about the importance of learning from our mistakes!  Can you remember the word that describes this skill?  …… was RESILIENCE!  And it is such an important life skill that will help us all to succeed!  If we weren’t resilient we may never have learnt to walk……watch this clip of a toddler learning to walk…I wonder how many mistakes she made along the way?

How many times did this little girl fall down? How long do you think it took her to learn to walk?  Imagine if she had given up and not tried again!?

In our lives, we all face challenges. We all ‘stumble’ at some points; we all fall down and have to get up and keep on trying. There are times when we stumble in our school studies, when learning a new sport, when we need to give a presentation to a group of people, when we apply for a job, and when we interact and build friendships and relationships with others. When this happens, we have a choice to make – do we give up or do we get up and try again?

Do you remember me sharing how J K Rowling had her first Harry Potter book turned down by publishers 12 times?  She had many other challenges too – listen to her talk in this clip about how stumbling and failure were actually positives for her….listen and think about how she had to rebuild her life up from ‘rock bottom’….how she had to start again. Then think about how you might apply resilience in your life – at school or home, to help you succeed when things get tough.


Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Thank you that we can learn from every difficult situation.
Please help us to be people of resilience.
Help us to get back up again when things go wrong.
Help us never to give up.
Help us to persevere.
Thank you for the courage and resilience of people who have shown us that stumbling need not mean failure,
For people we know and for inspirational figures who are role models to us.
We are thankful for their example.
Give us the courage and determination to use the power of ‘yet’.


Sad News

We have some terribly sad news to share with the school community, which is that Mrs Pam Nickless sadly passed away peacefully at the end of last week.  Pam had been a member of Brown Clee School for over 30 years, initially working in the old school house, and then working alongside Pippa in the current school kitchen.  She was loved by the children and was a wonderfully warm-hearted, positive lady with a down-to-earth kind nature, and we all missed her when she took early retirement earlier on this year.

Our thoughts are with Pam’s family and friends.

Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Well we are nearly at the end of our first half term of this new academic year – and it has been so lovely having everyone back in school, and having the team back together!

Last week we started to think about the importance of different learning skills – can you remember any of them??

There was listening, observing, discussing, practising, teaching others….

Learning is complex – it takes time, perseverance, motivation, and resilience.  Have a think about your own definition of resilience – what do you think it means?  You might all have a different idea…

….I’m guessing some of you might have said that “Resilience means never giving up” or “Resilience means keep on going even if it gets hard” – both of which are right.  There are many different examples, but the one I want you to focus on today, is how important it is to learn from our mistakes.  An important part of learning means making mistakes – and then learning from our mistakes so that we don’t repeat them.

Everybody makes mistakes – lots of times!  You might make mistakes in maths, mistakes with your spellings, mistakes with friendships by saying or doing something unkind, mistakes in class by calling out repeatedly or not listening and trying your best.  It is ok to make mistakes, as long as we learn from them so that we don’t keep repeating them….that’s called learning!

So as you go through today, when you make a mistake – ask yourself why, and what could you learn from it so that you don’t repeat it!

Enjoy this video about learning from your mistakes…

So today’s message is don’t worry about mistakes – you need to make them to learn from them – but the important thing is to learn from them so you don’t repeat them!

Now have a quiet moment of reflection as we approach worship time and have a think about these questions…

Do you see mistakes as failure?

Or are they an opportunity to learn and do better next time?

Do you see saying sorry as a failure?

Or is it an opportunity to make up with friends and start again?

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,

Help us to learn through our mistakes.

Teach us to know right from wrong so that we do not hurt others by what we say or do.

Give us the strength to cope when mistakes are made and help us to deal with them sensibly.





New Appointments at School

We are delighted to inform you that we have appointed a new School Administrator to start  after half term.  Mrs Mandy Lloyd will be in the office to assist with all parental queries and School Administration – she is very experienced and we are looking forwards to welcoming her aboard the Brown Clee team!

We also have appointed Mrs Steph Boxall as our co-Care Club Superviser, working alongside Mrs Moreton in providing the before school and after school wrap-around care.


Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Yesterday we thought about how important it is to develop the skill of listening – not just hearing, but actually actively listening and taking on board what you are listening to!  This is a skill that is particularly important in school – as without actively listening and THINKING about what we hear, we are unable to learn.

Today I want us to think about our own responsibility for learning and how we must learn to help ourselves with the learning process – as teachers will do the teaching, but the learning itself comes down to you, the Learner.  Your teacher will now read out a story about a Builder – use your active listening skills and have a think about what message you can pick from the story.

Bill had been in the carpentry trade for 50 years, ever since he left school as a young lad of 15. He had always been good with his hands and, from as far back as he could remember, he had always wanted to be a carpenter. He had learned his trade in a small joiner’s shop, and had spent his working life in the house-building business. He was now 65 years old and ready to retire. Bill planned to finish his work this month.
‘It’s time to hang up my tools and spend more time in the garden and with my grandchildren,’ he told Mr Towers, his employer for the last 40 years and his very good friend. Bill knew that he would miss his pay cheques, but he and his wife would get by. It was time to call it a day.
Mr Towers was very sorry to see Bill go. He had been a great worker. ‘Please, Bill, will you work on just one more house, as a personal favour?’ he asked.
‘All right,’ Bill said, and began this last job. Mr Towers didn’t tell him who owned the house that he was working on.

As time went by, it was clear that his heart was not in his work. He cut corners, and resorted to shoddy workmanship and inferior materials. He didn’t take the same time or care that he usually took. It was a sad way for such a skilful man to end his career.
When Bill had finished his work, Mr Towers came to inspect the house. Then, to Bill’s surprise, he handed Bill the key to the front door. ‘This house is for you, Bill,’ he said. ‘It’s my gift to you for all your years of service.’

Imagine Bill’s surprise, and shock! What a shame! If only Bill had known that he was working on his own house, he might have done it all so differently! Now he had to live in a home with all the little mistakes, poor materials and short cuts that only he knew about.

What did you think about whilst listening to the story? …..

The story is a bit like our lives. Every day, we are building something very important: our life. Sometimes, we put our very best efforts into what we do….sometimes we don’t and get distracted, lose motivation or concentration….sometimes we don’t always give our work our best effort. We become a bit slack and we make do with less than the best, just like Bill.
It is so important to build our lives wisely, remembering that it is the only life we will ever build, and your time in primary school are where you are building your foundations for your futures – so as you go through the day and the weeks ahead, focus on what you can do to ensure that you are trying your best at all times!


Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
I would like my life to be built on good, strong foundations.
I would like to have a life that I can be proud of.
Help me today to make wise choices, to have the right attitude and to do my best.

Virtual Harvest Festival

We are going to be holding our Harvest Festival ‘virtually’ this week to celebrate the harvest and share our appreciation for God’s wonderful world and the food that we eat.

As in previous years we would like to support the Bridgnorth Food Bank. 

If you would like to support this good cause can you please take your donations of dry/tinned produce to Ditton Priors Post Office, where there is a collection point.

If you would like to find out more about the good work of Bridgnorth Food Bank here is an information leaflet…

Bridgnorth Food Bank Information Leaflet

Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

This week I would like us to think about how important listening is!  We have 2 ears and only 1 mouth – so surely that must mean that listening is twice as important as talking!?

Imagine what the world would be like if we couldn’t hear anything?  If there were no sounds?  Maybe have a go now, and close your eyes – what can you hear in school?

The ability to hear is so special and we learn so much from our ability to listen – particularly in school!  School is a place full of sounds – talking, singing, music, clapping, cheering and sometimes shouting (outside only please!)  But if we couldn’t hear imagine how much more difficult it would be to learn?

Watch this video about the different ways that we can listen – and think about how important it is that we listen in school….

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Help us to be good listeners.
Help us to listen to our friends.
Help us to listen to our teachers.
Hep us to listen at home and at school.
Help us to listen to you.
Help us to learn the importance of sometimes being quiet and still.

Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

We have been focusing on the importance of Kindness this week – and how sometimes a small thoughtful word or action can make a big difference to how someone might feel.  Sometimes we don’t know that our friends are feeling down or sad, but it is amazing how powerful a small act of kindness might be!

Yesterday we talked about how we all have ups and downs and that ups and downs can cause big feelings – some can feel good and some can feel uncomfortable. We talked about how a small kind word or deed might help your friends if they are having a ‘down’ feeling.

Here is a short story about Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed!  Enjoy listening and have a think about the difference Mary made to an ordinary world!

Have a think now – what could you do today, an ordinary day, to care for someone else?

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Please help us to be kind to those around us.
Please help us to think about the needs of other people.
Please help us to seek to live in peace.

Reminder about E-safety and acceptable use of technologies policy

During the lockdown and summer term, we occasionally used Facebook and Facebook Messenger to communicate with parents, as it proved to be an easily accessible form of communication. However this was a response to exceptional circumstances. Now that schools have reopened, we are returning to the normal formal means of home/school communication.

Our main source of information from school to home, is via the School Website on the School News and Class News pages and it is really helpful for parents to subscribe to these pages as that way you will receive an email and/or notification each time a news item is posted.  This saves you having to log onto the website and search for information.  The website will also push some news to the school’s Twitter and Facebook pages for information only.

This is also timely to remind parents that school staff are unable to connect and communicate with parents or children via their personal Facebook pages or other social media. Staff are unable to accept ‘friend’ requests from parents and children,  in line with E-safety guidance. All home to school communication should be via official school channels such as telephone, email ( or class email addresses) or letter. You can find further information about this in the safeguarding and e-safety policies in the policies section on our website.

I am sure you understand the reasons for this, but if you have any questions please let me know.

Reflection Time and Prayer for the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Yesterday we had a think about how important it is to treat others with respect and be kind.  Kindness is such an important quality, and sometimes, in the heat of the moment, we can say or do things that aren’t as kind as they should be.  It is so important that we try and think before we act or speak, so that we can regulate our actions and words.

In the Bible,  Jesus was asked which commandment was the first and most important of all. Jesus answered, ‘The foremost is, ‘Hear, O Israel! The Lord our God is one Lord; and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ The second is this, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.’”  (Mark 12:29-31).

Here is a parable that Jesus told his followers to help teach them to be kind – it is called “The Good Samaritan”…

What did you think when watching?  Can you think of a time when someone has been kind to you?  How did it make you feel?  How did you react?

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Please help us to look each day for opportunities to be kind to others.
Help us never to be so busy looking after ourselves that we forget about other people.



Water Bottles

Can we please remind parents of the importance of each child bringing a named drinking bottle full of water (no juice or squash!) each day.  The children are not allowed to access the water fountain and so this is their only source of drinking water, and it is so important that children stay hydrated.

Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

I hope you all had a good weekend – despite the rather soggy, damp, windy weather!

We have been thinking about the word perseverance, and what it means – and how being able to persevere is such an important skill – whether it is with learning a new skill, over-coming a challenge or remembering to do the little things, like listen, follow instructions (the first time!) and be polite!

Our lives are so busy – in and out of school – we can often forget to take care of our interactions with other people.  I can see and hear it in school at times – a forgotten please or thank-you, or a careless word that causes unintentional hurt.

So today I want to focus on how important it is to remember to be kind to other people. By being kind, and saying nice things to each other, doing kind deeds for each other, we are showing respect – and we already know how important RESPECT is! I am a strong believer that kindness is contagious!  The more you show people kindness, they more they show it back!  Here is a short video which shows how acts of kindness can really make a huge difference to the world you live in!

“When we share acts of kindness, we colour our world!” – what do you think this might mean??   For me, it means that we can make our world a nicer place to live by being kind – that by being kind to people it makes people feel happier and it encourages more people to be kind.  Imagine if we could colour the whole world kind?

Today I am giving you a challenge!  See if you can add some colour as you go around school – give someone a smile, say something nice, hold a door open, say thank you – offer someone help!  See what happens afterwards!


Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Thank you that we can be kind to one another.
Thank you for the teachers and families who teach us why we need to be kind.
Thank you, God, for the kindness and love that you show us.
Please help us to forgive our friends for any fallings-out.
Please help us always to give people a second chance.
Please help us to say sorry and start again.

Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

We normally have a ‘live’ virtual assembly on Wednesday and apologise that I am unable to be there on your screens today – but I am in the office carrying out virtual interviews for the position of our new Administrator!  We are all sad that Mrs Harman is leaving us at the end of this half term – and she will be missed loads – especially by me!  But we are fortunate to have had a strong selection of candidates and I will let you know who our new Administrator is once we have appointed them!

I would like to share a lovely moment that I had yesterday, when I was having a chat with Emily and Layla about Class 4 and whether they enjoyed taking part in Just Dance in the classroom.  Layla told me with a grin, that it was really tricky – and I agreed and said that I wasn’t very good at it yet – but I will keep practising!  How lovely it was to hear Layla’s response – which was “You are persevering Miss Relph!”  – she was absolutely right – I was!  The question is…..why do I persevere?  Why do I keep joining in if I see Just Dance  happening?  It isn’t just for fun – it is because I want to get better at it!

There are lots of things we either want, or need, to get better at – can you think of something that you need to get better at?   Maybe it is listening?  Or concentrating?  It might be not calling out in class?  Sometimes we need to persevere with little things as well as the big things! Maybe you could pick something, a little thing, and persevere to get better at it today?  Have a chat with your teacher and discuss what little things you could work at to improve?

Now enjoy these clips from Finding Nemo – and see if you can spot how they demonstrate perseverance?


Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Please be with us in times of weakness.
Give us the strength to overcome our difficulties.
Teach us to keep going when things are hard for us.
Help us not to take our gifts and talents for granted.


Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good morning Brown Clee!

We are continuing with the theme of perseverance this week – and in today’s assembly I’d like you to watch and listen to a short video from the Pace Trust, all about Perseverance.  Enjoy watching and listening and then have a discussion about what it makes you think about?  Can you think of examples of when you have demonstrated perseverance?

What do you think?  Why is perseverance such an important skill?  Can you share a time when you persevered, even if something was really difficult?

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Thank you that you always listen when we pray to you.
Thank you that you are always there.
Please help us to keep going when we find things hard.
Please help us to encourage others.


Updated Start and End of Day Timings

The new timings have worked really well this morning – and we would like to thank parents and children for getting to grips with the new procedures so quickly. As a reminder here they are…

Don’t forget that if you have more than one child, then we ask that you bring your children to school at the time of the earliest arrival, and collect at the latest departure time.

It is really important in order to keep the different classes apart, that parents arrive promptly for drop off and collection, and also that parents don’t loiter on drop off or collection.

The cases of coronavirus are increasing, and we are aware of recent cases in Shropshire. We are working really hard to maintain the ‘sanctity’ of each bubble so that if we were to have a case it would have minimal impact and we also want to protect the well-being of everyone in our community.