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Large scale art work – Uluru

Alongside the art work we have been doing in class, linked to our topic of Australia, we have been working on a large scale painting of Uluru.
The children have used a dot painting technique to create features of the picture.
They also used watercolours and the dot technique to create the birds around the painting.
Year 1 children added the finished touches on Monday.

Art Workshop

We have been very lucky to have Rory McCann, our mural artist, visiting school for the day. He has returned to deliver art workshops in different classes.
Our workshop, in Grasshoppers, was called ‘Koala up a Tree’.

Rory demonstrated how to mix and apply watercolour paint. Also, how to create highlights, how to create textures by layering the paint and the importance of putting your own interpretation into your art work.
We learnt some new skills, which we will be able to apply to our work in the future, and we had a lovely morning.

Well done Grasshoppers!

KS1 Cross Country – 24.03

For all of those in Grasshopers attending Thursday’s (24th March) cross country, we have been asked that parents do not arrive on site (Oldbury Wells School) until after 15:40 – to allow for Oldbury school transport, parents and children to leave at the end of their school day.


The first event (which will be year 1 girls) will be beginning at 16:15, so please ensure children arrive before this to allow for getting ready/ in position for race start.


Myself (Mr Harley) and Miss Lewis will be in attendance to help organise children to their races. Once your child has finished their race, they can leave (if you wish), but please inform me when you do.


The current race order is Y1 Girls, Y1 Boys, Y2 Girls, Y2 Boys, and the last race is due to finish at 16:45.


Any questions before then, please feel free to email (

Grasshoppers Daily Plan Friday 18th February Remote Learning

Good Morning Grasshoppers.

Attached is the plan for today’s remote learning. All the links you need are included within the plan, they are in blue and just need selecting. Please send in any photographs of completed activities to the Grasshoppers email address and I will respond

Week 7 18.2.22 Remote Learning.

I hope you all have a super day.

Stay safe.

Mrs Cains

‘Animal Man’ Visit

Yesterday afternoon, the Grasshoppers had a visit from Simon, from Corner Exotics. We all learnt so much about the world and the animals that live in it. In particular, those from Australia and those animals with similar adaptations.

It was a wonderful experience and the children were very enthusiastic about touching and holding a variety of animals.

A blue tongued skink, carpet python, black ring-neck snake, boa constrictor, Madagascar cockroach, pygmy hedgehog, chinchilla, scorpion, giant spiny stick insect, Avicularia tarantula, salmon pink bird-eater tarantula, Honduran curly haired tarantula, Australian green tree frog, African bullfrog, Horsefield tortoise and an East Australian bearded dragon.

We will be exploring some of the issues that Simon talked about and researching some of the animals further, in the classroom.

I think the photographs show how much the children enjoyed the visit!

Happy Birthday!

Grasshoppers would like to wish some of our class a very…


Happy birthday to Callum for the 14th January


Happy birthday to Brooke for the 18th January


Happy birthday to Robin for the 19th January

Welcome back!

Welcome to the Spring term!

Happy New Year to you all, I hope you have enjoyed the Christmas break.

Please have a look at our class information page for a reminder of PE days, water bottles, reading books and other useful information.

Our topic for the Spring term is ‘Australia‘.

You can also find the curriculum overview below, on the information page.

(Click on the link below for a clearer view.)

Australia Curriculum Overview Spring term 2022

Spelling Shed

Please can the children ensure that they do use Spelling Shed throughout the week to learn the phonic sounds or spelling patterns that have been taught each week.

Miss Relph sets assignments for the Year 1 children, as they have their phonic session with her.

For the Year 2 children, each spelling pattern that they have been taught in class will be set as an assignment but there are very few children accessing these, each week.

The log in details for your child will be in their blue reading record. Please get in touch if you have any problems.

Many  thanks for your support.

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