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Money Games

This week, in our maths work we have been focusing on money.  Please find below some money games that I have shown the children in class. The children were keen to play them at home and will help support their learning.

Many thanks.

Coin Calculator

Toy Shop

Coins Game

Pay using 1 coin game

Number bonds at home

Please could the children continue their learning at home by having a go at the games to help them learn their number bonds.

Click on the link below for a list of resources.

Games to help you learn your number bonds

Start with your number bonds to 10. You need to know them so you can instantly recall pairs of number that go together to make 10.

If this is tricky, find pairs of number that total 1 – 9 first.

Eg, Number bonds to make 5.

5 + 0, 0 + 5, 4 + 1, 1 + 4, 3 + 2, 2 + 3

If you are confident with these numbers try your number bonds to 20.

Year 2 children that are confident with 20 can move onto number bonds to 100.

A number bond is just a pair of numbers that go together to make a total.


‘Paint the Squares’ resource

This is a great resource for the children to use at home. It will support them to become familiar with number order, forwards and backwards and to explore number patterns.

You can select which number you would like the number square to go up to and increase it as they become more confident.

There are also games to play in the ‘Pick a puzzle’ box.

Spelling Shed & Numbots/Times Table Rock Stars

As part of your child’s homework they will have access to Spelling Shed, Numbots and Times Table Rock Stars.

Your child has their log in details for these games in the front of their blue reading records.

Numbots and Times Table Rock Stars have the same log in details.

Spelling Shed will help your child learn the ‘Common Exception’ words that they need to be able to read and spell by the end of Key Stage 1. It will also help to support them with spelling words containing all the sounds and letter patterns from Phases 2 – 6.

Don’t worry if you find the games difficult to navigate at home, Mrs Cains will be teaching/reminding the children how to use these games during ICT, on a Friday.

If you have any problems accessing any of the games, please get in touch.

Money Games

Next week in maths, we will be exploring ‘Money’. I have shown the children the two games/resources below which they might find useful.

We haven’t been using coins and notes so much recently but if you still have some at home please could the children have a look at them.

Words and Sounds Pack

Good afternoon,

Yesterday, your child brought home a plastic wallet containing the ‘common exception words’ and phonic sounds that they need to learn, over time.

Please find below some additional resources to help support them with these. You will also find some resources on the previous post.

Please get in touch if you do not have access to a printer but would like any of the sheets sent home.

Many thanks,

Mrs Morris

For more videos to help with phonics click on the link below.



The link below will take you to ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ with all the common exception words on. They are labelled on here as ‘Tricky words’.

Phonics and Spelling

Please find below some resources that will support your child with their phonics and spelling.

Phase 3 Sounds Powerpoint – Phase 3 Powerpoint

Phase 3 Sound Mat

Phase 4 Blends Powerpoint – Phase 4 Blends Powerpoint


Phase 5 Sounds Powerpoint – Phase 5 Powerpoint


Spelling Frame and Spell Zone has games that will help your child practise spelling words containing each sound.

Spooky Spellings Game

Karate Cats English – Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling game

Click to play the game





Maths at Home

In Maths, we having been working on place value. Please find below some information and resources that will support your child at home.

Year 1 – Please practise counting from any number up to 100. Focus, in particular, on the numbers that change into the next tens number.

Eg, 19 – 20, 29 – 30, 39 – 40.

When counting this is a sticking point, they don’t know what comes after 19, 29, 39, 49 and so on.

Practise writing numbers from 0 – 20, forming numbers correctly. Lots of children form numbers back to front. This is completely normal for this age group.

Ask them to write the numbers out of order too.

Have a go at the ‘Helicopter Rescue’ game below and use ‘Paint the Squares’ to help with counting.

Year 2 – Practise reading, writing and counting all the numbers from 0 to 100. You should be able to count forwards and backwards from any number.

Practise counting in steps of 2, 5, and 10. It is important you can do this for when we do multiplication. Use ‘Paint the Squares’ below to help you. Look for the patterns and think about what the numbers end in.

If you are fluent with 2, 5 and 10, try steps of 3.

Practise counting tens and ones to work out what number is being represented. Use ‘Place Value Basketball’ below.

Remember, don’t worry if you find something difficult. Keep trying and you will get there in the end!

Nursery 'Watch me Learn' workshop | Hamilton Academy








Do you know your number bonds?

Number Bonds

Please click on the link below for games that will help your child to learn their number bonds. It is so important that the children know these fluently. If they can reach a point where they can recall them quickly, this knowledge will help them so much in many aspects of their maths work.

You could begin with number bonds to 5 – Which pairs of numbers total 5? Can they find all the different combinations?

When they are confident with 5, try 6, then 7 and so on.

Year 1 children – Number bonds to 10, then 20 are important to know.

Year 2 – If you are fluent with the year 1 number bonds, move on to 100. Start with multiples of 10 (60 + 40 = 100), then multiples of 5 (85 + 15 = 100), then any number bond ( 61 + 39 = 100) But if you know your number bonds to 10 this will be easy!!

Games to help you learn your number bonds

Ready, Steady, Read!

In class 2, we have our reading 100 square ready to go!

From Monday, we will start to move the names of children who have read at home, had their reading record signed and put their book in the blue reading box.

When they have read 10 times they will get a housepoint and when they reach 50 and 100 they will receive a reading reward!

Please try to read daily, if possible.

Class 2 Homework

I hope the times table board games have been useful this week.

Please continue to learn whichever times table you think needs some work.

Next week we will start having ago at a 1 minute challenge.

How many times tables can you answer in a minute? We will begin with our 2x table.

Class 2 Homework

Year 2 children – Reading Comprehension (Optional)

If the children want to have a go at this comprehension, ahead of next week, they may do. If they don’t want to write the answers down, the questions and answers could be discussed verbally.

It doesn’t need to be handed in next week, please just use it if you feel it would be helpful.

Please find some useful websites that the children have been using this week.

Some of the children were keen to have a go at home.

  • www.topmarks/letters and sounds – Some great games for phonics and reading
  • www.topmarks/hitthebutton – number bonds, times tables (Timed countdown)
  • – Literacy and Maths section
  • BBC Bitesize Titanic Facts and Figures




Class 2 Homework

Week Beginning : 30.4.18

This week, Year 2 children have maths arithmetic questions to have a go at.

Year 1 children have a ‘Weather Diary’ to complete over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Let’s hope you will be recording some warmer temperatures. Image result for weather image

Have a lovely weekend!

Year 2 homework

As well as ‘The Great Barrier Reef’ homework, Year 2 children also have a maths arithmetic paper to have a go at.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the strategies.

If the children come to a question they are struggling with ask them to have their very best go and then move onto the next one. They mustn’t worry if they can’t do it yet!




Class 2 Homework – Wk Beg: 20.11.17

For homework, please could the children learn their lines for ‘Christmas with the Aliens’, if they have chosen to have lines to say. Also, please could they look over the words for the songs that we will be singing.

I have sent each child home with a copy of the songs.

I will send home a note about costumes next week.

Many thanks, Mrs Morris

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