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Year 1: Phonics Practice

The Year 1s in Fireflies and Grasshoppers have been working hard with their phonics this half term and have learnt all the following phonemes:

/ea/ /oe/ /au/ /ew/ /ay/ /ie/ /ou/  /ey/ /wh/ /ph

We have set some practice assignments up on Spelling Shed for them and it would be really helpful if they could practice at least one game daily – as little and often practice is the best way to ensure new information gets stored in the long term memory.

All children should have their Spelling Shed log-ins to access the games.

We will also be setting spelling lists for the tricky (common exception) words – and with these words, children can earn certificates with the points that they amass!  Each point they earn goes towards their “Shed Score” – and this is the total of scores for the past rolling 7-day period.

All children start as an egg and can work their way up to a Royal Bee!

Year 1 spellings.

Spellings tests for the Year 1’s will consist of a random selection of the spellings already learnt this term. This will continue until the end of term. Children who have consistently got their spellings correct will have an extension task to put their spellings into a sentence.

Class 1 Spellings

Only the year 1 pupils will have spellings this half term. The children will have a spelling session one week, and then be tested the following week.

When you practice the spellings you can do it orally, finger painting, with a brush and bubbly water – lots of ways – the key is to make it fun!

Autumn 2nd Half Term

10/11/17 – Children taught week 1 spellings: Test Friday 17th November

Here is a copy of Spelling Book 1:

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