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Please could I ask that children do not bring watches into school.

Although it is great that they have watches, they have become a distraction in class, this week. They are being taken on and off and some have been given to friends to wear. I wouldn’t want them to get broken or go missing.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Welcome back to the Summer Term!

Welcome back Class 2!

I hope you and your families have had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed being able to do more during the second week. We have had some welcome sunshine so hope you have enjoyed being outdoors.

Please find below our Summer Term Curriculum Overview.

Summer Term Overview

Please continue to use our class email address to get in touch if you should have any questions or messages regarding your child.

Many thanks

Reminders for returning to school

Please see below a few reminders for when the children return to school next week.

PE Kits

Monday 8th March – School uniform

Friday 12th March – PE kit

From Week beginning: 15.3.21 – PE Kit on a Monday and Friday each week.

PE kit – Green PE top and black shorts/leggings. Dark coloured, plain tracksuit. (Please no bright colours or sparkles!)

Water bottles

Please can the children bring a plastic water bottle with a non spill spout. Not the large, metal camping water bottles where the lid comes off completely.

Water bottles will be refilled by an adult during the day so don’t worry if it’s a fairly small water bottle.

Reading books

Please can the children bring their reading book and reading record to school on Monday. We will be reading with all the children in the first couple of days to see where they are up to with their reading books.


Please ensure that the children are just bringing one school bag to school. Lunch boxes can be separate if they will not fit into bags. There is very little space under tables to house them.


Until the weather is reliably fine, please can the children bring a coat, with a hood, to school every day. They will be going outside at break times whatever the weather and don’t want to get wet.

Toys and Trinkets

We are trying to minimise the number of items going to and from home and school so please can the children leave small toys at home.

Many thanks. Please get in touch if you have any questions about anything.



Home Learning – Friday 5th March

Good morning Class 2,

Thank you for all the wonderful work that you have sent over the past weeks while you have been at home. I think we are all thankful that it has come to an end and we can return to school on Monday.

Many thanks to parents and grandparents for all their support with the home learning.

I am really looking forward to seeing you all again and it will be nice for you to finally meet Miss Jones, next Friday.

I hope that you all enjoy the virtual trip to London today! Look out for all the sights, you should be able to name lots of them.

Enjoy today’s activities set by Miss Jones and I will see you on Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!

Home Learning – Daily-Activities-5.3.21

Paddington, Winnie the Pooh & Cake

There have been some very nice story maps of Paddington and Winnie the Pooh on their London adventure.

Archie has been reading his Grandma’s Winnie the Pooh book.

Sam, Zac and Joel have made a sticky marmalade loaf.

It looks scrumptious, well done boys!


Here is Penny’s marmalade loaf. Paddington and his little friends had already eaten half of it before Penny’s mum could take a photograph.

It must be good!

Image preview

Isabelle has also made a sticky marmalade loaf and it looks delicious!

Well done everyone!

Home Learning – Thursday 4th March

Good morning Class 2,

Today is World Book Day so you have lots of different activities to choose from.

If you do something to celebrate the day, whether it’s dressing up as a character or showing us your favourite book, please send a photograph to me and I will pass it onto Miss Greenan to go on the school website.

Home Learning – Daily Activities 4.3.21.docx

Design a book cover

Book cover

Book Review

Book review sheet

Word searches

World-book-day-word-search 1

World-book-day-word-search 2

Book mark


The Masked Reader

The Masked Reader ppt


The Mystery of the Missing Story End

The Mystery of the Missing Story End

Roald Dahl Maths Challenge Cards



Name that Story Game


Reading Comprehensions

World Book Day Reading Comprehension


Design a mask

Design a character mask

World Book Day Top 5


Make a mini book


Draw with these famous illustrators.


Make a book hedgehog

Home Learning – Wednesday 3rd March

Good morning Class 2,

I hope you all enjoyed doing some of the Julia Donaldson activities yesterday.

Today we are looking at another bear, Winnie the Pooh! Have a lovely day.

Home Learning – Daily Activities 3.3.21.docx

Winnie the Pooh PowerPoint – Winnie the Pooh ppt

Listen to Winnie the Pooh and the Royal Birthday


Have a look behind the scenes of the story.


Winnie the Pooh Story Map


Click on the map to make it larger.


Year 1 – Tens and ones

Year 1 Tens and ones

Year 2 – Multiplication and Division Recap



SMART Learning Behaviours


Rules for a happy classroom

Baking – Sticky orange marmalade loaf cake



Home Learning – Tuesday 2nd March

Good Morning Class 2,

I hope you have had a good start to the week and that you enjoyed the Paddington Bear activities yesterday.

Home Learning – Daily Activities 2.3.21.docx

Today’s author is Julia Donaldson

Book Websites

The Gruffalo –

Stickman –

Room on the Broom –

Television Adaptations

English – A Squash and a Squeeze



Squash and a Sqeeze activities – Squash and a Squeeze activities

Maths – Room on a Broom

Can you help the witch who is working on some new spells? She likes to use birds, frogs, ants and spiders. The recipes have to have a certain number of legs altogether.


Maths work

Year 1 – Counting in 2s

Year 1 – Counting in 2s sheet – Year 1 Count in 2s

Year 2 – Addition and Subtraction – Year-2-Addition-and-Subtraction

SMART Learning Behaviours – A Good Learner is MOTIVATED


Dance & Movement – The Smartest Giant in Town

Reading Comprehansion – The Snail and the Whale

The-Snail-and-the-Whale questions

Wildlife in the River Thames




Snail and the Whale colouring

Snail and the Whale colur by number


Home Learning – Monday 1st March

Good morning Class 2,

I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine at the weekend.

Just 1 more week of home learning to go. I hope you are all looking forward to returning to school next Monday. I am really looking forward to seeing you all!

Home Learning – Daily Activities 1.3.21.docx

World Book Day – Thursday 4th March


Rhyming Words

Rhyming ladder – Rhyme ladder template

Word cards to help you choose words to rhyme.



Rhyming Game –

Word Wall Rhyming Game –

Super Movers – Rhyme with Radzi

Reading – When you have a spare 10 minutes, have a listen to these lovely audio books

English – Paddington Bear

All about Paddington – Paddington Bear ppt


Paddington Bear picture – Paddington at the Palace sheet

Maths – Addition

Year 1

London bus maths frame and addition

Year 2

London bus addition 1.docx

London bus addition 2.docx

Paddington – London


London is the place for me song


Poster template – London tourist poster

Home Learning – Friday 26th February

Good morning Class 2,

The week seems to have whizzed by. Only 1 more week before you can go back to school!

It’s Friday so Miss Jones has set your work today and she will be responding to any work sent.

Have a lovely weekend. Enjoy this fine, sunny weather that we are having.

Home Learning – Daily Activities 26.2.21


Please continue to practise the sounds that you need to recap on.

Spelling Shed

Phonics Play


Spelling Frame

Little Bird Spelling

Spelling Bee

Letters and Sounds

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5

Phase 6

Number and Place Value

Place Value what is the number

Place Value Number Detectives

Speaking and Listening

Conversation Questions

Brain Games – Memory, concentration and Attention

PSHE – Helping friends

How can you help friendship scenario cards

PE – Warm up Zumba Kids!


Joe Wicks 5 Minute Move


Home Learning – Thursday 25th February

Good morning Class 2!

Thank you for the pencil drawings that have been sent of London landmarks.

Here is Teddy’s which I thought you might like to have a look at. Lovely shading!

Home Learning – Daily Activities 25.2.21


Yes/No Questions

Phase 3 Yes/No Questions – Phase-3-yesno-question-cards

Phase 4 Yes/No Questions – Phase-4-yesno-question-cards

Phase 5 Yes/No Questions – Phase-5-yesno-question-cards

Spark a Conversation Cards – Spark-a-conversation-prompt-cards

Phase 6 – Expand your vocabulary


Supermovers starter – Hip Hop Granny

Capital letters PowerPoint – Where-Should-Capital-Letters-Go ppt

Capital Letters for Proper Nouns


Capital letters – Proper nouns


Year 1 – Numbers to 50

Year 1 Numbers-to-50


Year 1 Count-forwards-and-backwards-within-50

Year 2 – Representing numbers to 100


Year 2 Represent-numbers to 100

Reading Comprehension – London

London Stage 1 Comprehension

Brain Training – Connect Four

Geography – The River Thames


SMART Learning Behaviours


Click on the slide to enlarge


Home Learning – Wednesday 24th February

Good morning Class 2!

I hope you are all having a good week so far.

Thank you for the work you have been sending.

It’s great to see that some of you are practising the phonic sounds that you are not yet sure of. Well done!

There was also some super work on number bonds and London landmarks.

Home Learning – Daily Activities 24.2.21


Phase 3 Spelling Activities – Phase 3 Spelling Activity

Phase 4 Spelling Activities – Phase 4 Spelling Activity

Phase 5 Spelling Activities – t-l-9310e–phase-5-spelling-activity-pack-editable-version_ver_1

Phase 3 Sounds


Phase 5 Sounds

Alphablocks –

Phase 6 – Match the captions and pictures – Phase-6-pictures-and-captions-matching-activity


Year 1 – Unscramble the sentences and write then neatly, remembering a capital letter and a full stop.


Year 2 – Look through the PowerPoint about adding adjectives to sentences. Have a go at the activitiy on the last slide. Then, complete the sentence work below adding adjectives to describe the nouns.

Adding adjectives ppt

Adjective sentences


Number bond sheets – Choose the one which you think you need to practise.

Number bonds to 10 – Number Bonds to 10

Number bonds to 20 – Number Bonds to 20

Number bonds to 100 – Year-2-Derive-and-use-related-facts-up-to-100

Ordering Numbers & Missing Numbers

Ordering numbers up to 20 (Cut and stick) – Ordering-numbers-1-to-20

Ordering numbers up to 50 (Cut and stick) – Ordering-numbers-1-to-50

Counting to 50 to get through the maze – Counting-up-to-50-Maze-Activity

Order numbers up to 90 – Place-value-ordering-2-digit-numbers-activity-sheet

Put in the missing number on the 100 square pieces and number lines – Missing-Numbers-Activity to 100

Play Snakes & Ladders – Snakes-and-ladders-board-game

Reading Comprehension

Year 1 – Dairy Farming

Dairy Farming Stage 1 Comprehension

Year 2 – The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince Stage 2 comprehension

Brain training Memory Game – Find the pairs of matching pictures. How many moves will it take you?

Handwriting – Please continue to practise the individual letters or joins that you are not confident with yet.

Letter Animations – How do I form each letter?

Number Animations – How do I form each number?

Joining letters – How do I begin to join letters?

Art – The artist, Stephen Wiltshire

Panoramic View of London

London Landmark Photographs – London landmark photos

Stephen Wiltshire Website –



Phonics/Spelling Games

Phonics/Spelling Games

Karate Cats

Spelling Shed

Phonics Play


Spelling Frame

Little Bird Spelling

Click on your year group and then choose a bird box. Practise the spelling the words in the box. If you are confident at spellings all the words have a go at the spellings for the next year group.

Spelling Bee

Read and listen to stories with some words left blank. Fill in the blank words, check your score and get correct spelling for the words you missed. Go onto the next level when you have got them all correct.

Maths Games

‘Paint the Squares’ to help your child with numbers up to 100.

Caterpillar Ordering Game

Place Value Basketball

Save the Whale

Hit the Button

Number Bonds

Home Learning – Tuesday 23rd February

Good morning Class 2,

I hope you are all feeling very happy about being able to return to school on March 8th! It’s brilliant news and I can’t wait to see you all again. It’s not long now and you will be able to see all your friends again.

Have a great day!

Home Learning – Daily Activities 23.2.21


Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5

Phase 6


Phases 6 Activity PowerPoint – Phase-6-phonics-morning-starters

English – Oral Storytelling

The Three Little Pigs


Maths – Number Bonds


Interactive Tens Frames –

Save the Whale

Hit the Button

Number Bonds

Reading Comprehansion

Year 1 – Animal Farm Stage 1 comp – Comprehension

Year 2 – Hansel and Gretel Stage 2 Comprehension

Memory Game

History – Modern London

Go on a trip to london with William Whiskerson, the mouse.

London Landmarks – Can you find out the name of each landmark?

London writing paper – London writing sheet

Home Learning – Monday 22nd February

Good morning!

I hope you have all enjoyed the half-term break and managed to keep yourselves busy and have some fun!

Hopefully, we will be back at school in two weeks time. So that you are ready for being in the classroom again after such a long time, we will be spending the next two weeks recapping on some essential learning skills, including our SMART learning skills.

Home Learning – Daily Activities 22.2.21

Phonics – Sound Mats: Phase 2 – 5

Click on the picture below for more information about each Phase and the sounds the children learn and when.


Phase 2 Sound Mat

Phase 3 Sound Mat

Phase 4 Sound Mat

Phase 5 Sound Mat

Please use the sound mats and the spelling games on the ‘Home Learning Plan’ to practise any sounds your child doesn’t know.

Karate Cats –

English – Oral Storytelling

Storytelling Prompts – Traditional-tales-retelling-prompts


Maths – Number & Place Value

Year 1

Year 1- Place Value

Year 1 – Place Value to 20

Year 2


Paint the Squares –

Caterpillar Ordering Game –

Place Value Basketball –

Reading Comprehension

Year 1 – Winter

Winter Stage 1 Comprehension

Year 2 – After the Fire

After The Fire Stage 2 comprehension

Memory Game –


Please continue to practise individual letters, ensuring the children are forming letters correctly by putting a lead in and lead out. It they are not sure about how to do this the link below will take them to the animation showing how to form each letter.

Number Animations

Handwriting Joins

RE – Buddhism


Buddhist Temple PowerPoint – Buddhism Visit to the Temple ppt


Label the Shrine Sheet – Buddhist-temple sheet

Make a Flower Garland –

Home Learning – Friday 12th February

Good morning everyone,

We’ve reached the final day of the half term and I’m sure you are all ready for a well-earned rest next week. Thank you for all your wonderful work the past 6 weeks. I have been impressed with so much of it.

Have lots of fun next week and enjoy Shrove Tuesday. I’m sure lots of you will be making pancakes!

Home Learning – Daily Activities 12.2.21

Year 1 – ‘ar’ grapheme

Year 1 ar ppt

Year 2 – ‘o’ saying ‘u’

Y2 Phonics o saying u


Year 1 – Measure and Compare Capacity

Sheet 1 – Maths Y1 Measure capacity

Sheet 2 – Y1-Compare-capacity



Year 2 – Reading Millilitres and Litres

Y2 Measuring in Millilitres

Sheet 1 – Maths Y2 Milliltres

Sheet 2 – Maths Y2 Litres

ICT- Internet Safety

Internet Safety Things to Keep Safe Activity Sheet

PSHE – Relationships:Family

PSHE Family tree

PE Warm Up


Home Learning – Thursday 11th February

Good morning everyone!

Well done for creating your story maps ready for writing your story today. There were also some wonderful designs for a new cathedral.

Home Learning – Daily Activities 11.2.21

Year 1 – ‘er’ sound

Year 1 ‘er’ sound ppt



Year 1 Spelling Activity sheet –  er Spelling activity

Year 2 – ‘o’ sound spelt ‘a’ after a ‘w’ or ‘qu’

Year 2 o sound spelt a after w and qu

Listen to the sentences, do Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check, then play one of the games.

English – Great Fire of London Story Writing

Maths – Designing a farm

Handwriitng – 6 and 7

History – St Paul’s Cathedral


After the fire of London ppt

A Visit to The Monument – Click below


Home Learning – Wednesday 10th February

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all having a good week so far!

Home Learning – Daily Activities 10.2.21

Year 1 – Adding ‘er’ or ‘est’ to a root word

Adding er and est ppt Year 1

Adding er and est Year 1

Year 2 – If a verb ends with ‘y’ change it to an ‘i’ before adding ‘es’.

Verbs – Changing y to i add es


Click on any slides for a clearer view.

Use this example of a story map for the Three Little Pigs to help you think about the one you are going to create for your Great Fire of London story.

Maths – Year 1 and 2

Complete the division investigation about shapes.

Division How many shapes

Challenge – Multiplication-and-division-problems

Handwriting – 4 and 5

Reading – Complete your reading log for Wednesday.

Art – St Paul’s Cathedral

Design Sheet – St Paul’s Cathedral Design

Tate Modern Paint Tool



Home Learning – Tuesday 9th February

Good morning Class 2,

Very well done with the bus stop division, Year 2.

You all seem to have grasped this method confidently.

Home Learning – Daily Activities 9.2.21

Year 1 Compound Words

Compound words Year 1 ppt

Year 2 – If a noun ends with ‘y’ change it to an ‘i’ before adding ‘es’.


Year 2 – Plurals Worksheets – Plurals changing y to i before ading es


Year 1 – Planning your characters for your story (You just need a piece of paper)

Year 2 – Verbs and Adverbs

Verbs and Adverbs PowerPoint

Maths – Multiplication and Division–ks2-the-relationship-between-multiplication-and-division/zdqb47h

Year 1 – Writing division number sentences

Division 1

Division 2

Year 2 – Fact Families

Teaching video

Multiplication-and-Division families

Fact Familes Game -Topmarks

Handwriting – 2 and 3

Reading Log – Tuesday to Friday

Reading Book Log



Great Fire Picture info cards


Home Learning – Monday 8th February

Good morning,

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.

It’s the final week before half-term so keep positive and keep working hard before you can have a nice rest, next week!

Home Learning – Daily Activities 8.2.21

Year 1 and Year 2 – Plurals

Nessy Video – Adding s and es


English – The Great Fire of London

English Worksheet – Great Fire Adjectives and similes


Year 1 – Division using counting in 2, 5 and 10

Worksheet – Division using coins 2p 5p 10p

Year 2 – Introducing the bus stop method

Division bus stop method Year 2.ppt

Worksheets – Division Bus Stop Method

Reading – Be Positive!


Handwriting – Numbers 0 and 1

PE Dance Warm Up – Everything is Awesome!


Dance – Time to Move: The Great Fire Spreads

RE – Charlie and Blue find out what enlightenment means.

Glass half full half empty sheet

Use the buttons to change class or area: