Friday Fun for School Bubbles!

Everyone is having a fun last day of term!

Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

What a year this has been – who would have thought that this time last year we would have most of our children at home and have small groups of Mice, Rabbits and Foxes in School!  2020 has been a very strange year indeed!

Friday is usually our Well Done Assembly day – but it is absolutely impossible to select any individual children for certificates, as every single child who has returned to school since June 1st has been exceptionally outstanding in all aspects!  We are all immensely proud of every Rabbit, Fox, Mouse and Year 6 pupils!

We are all immensely proud of the children who have had to stay at home, and have engaged with the remote learning activities and posted their work and photos into school – we we are missing all of you and it has been so lovely to see you all, even if it is by photo!

As we break up for the summer holiday, I can’t help but think about the immensely powerful and wonderful Brown Clee Team!  This includes everyone – children, staff, parents and governors, and I can’t thank every single member of this team for their support and hard work this past year, and past term in particular!

So teamwork is the theme of the day – and I know how much the children (and staff!) have enjoyed the recent video clips – so here is one focused on teamwork – enjoy and see what you learn from them!

Today is also the last day for our current year 6s at Brown Clee!  They have experienced a very special last 7 weeks – with lots of laughs and fun!  Each and every year 6 (in and out of school!) is well and truly ready for secondary school, and we wish them all the very best in their future. We held an impromptu outdoors Leavers Assembly yesterday, where we listened to the year 6’s memories (see Class 4 Class News) and shared the following poem (with a few adaptations!)….


Now enjoy some year 6 memories…


We wish everyone a wonderful summer, a relaxing break and are looking forwards to welcoming everyone back to school in September!

Enjoy our Leavers Song now, especially for our year 6s!!

Prayer of the Day – Our School Prayer

Dear God

Thank you for our wonderful school.

Help us to be good learners.

Help us to look after each other.

Help us be respectful and kind and to make everyone welcome.

May our school be a happy, safe place where learning is fun.

Where we all work together to be the best we can be.



Pirates and Peas!!

What a fun day we are having!  We have pirates in Reception, demure Mice in Year 1 and the Year 6s have proclaimed themselves as Peas in a Pod!!!

Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Yesterday we saw the story of a young boy who had a great adventure with his Grandpa – without actually going far at all!  Today I have the story of Molly, a goldfish who has big dreams and wants to travel beyond her goldfish bowl.  Have a watch and see what it makes you think about….

It made me think of a number of different things….

  1. How surprising that a cat was a fish’s friend – just goes to show that we can all be friends no matter our differences.
  2. How kind the cat was – and how brave – all to help Molly!
  3. Molly had aspirations of exploring a wider world than her goldfish bowl – she had hopes and dreams but appreciated her own goldfish bowl world!
  4. The cat never gave up on her mission to save Molly and take her to the ocean – no matter how scary or challenging the task!

So many messages from one short film!   What messages did you pick up from watching Molly’s story?

Here’s a song to sing to remind us of the wonders of the world we live in – hopefully we will get opportunity to explore it a bit in the summer break coming up!

Prayer of the Day

Dear Lord,

We thank you, Lord, for flowers and trees and sunshine
and for all your living creatures.
We thank you for families and friendships,
for our homes and our school.
We thank you for giving us our daily bread
and for all the food we eat.
We thank you, Lord, for everything wonderful in the world.


Socially Distanced Sports Day!

The children in school are having fun, despite the damp day, on our socially distanced Sports Day!

Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

We are nearly at the summer holidays – and I hope that everyone manages to escape for an adventure or two, even if it’s in your own garden!  Life has definitely been an adventure this year, with all the challenges that coronavirus has brought to school!  Adventures come in many forms – whether they are part of a challenge like Archie’s Kenyan Safari Challenge, or whether they are facing something new, like starting a new school.

Here is a short film, about a little boy who has the most unexpected adventure with his Grandpa – have a watch and see what you think of their adventure…..

Sometimes the best adventures are the ones that you create yourself!  I wonder what adventure you might have today?


Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Please help us to appreciate each day.
Please help us to enjoy the wonder of your creation.
Help us to be aware of all those we engage with in conversations.
Help us to be thoughtful.
Help us to take the time to consider what are the most important things in life.
Help us to have good priorities.

September: School Packed Lunches – New ordering system!!!

Looking ahead to September, children are eating lunch in their classrooms and so a school lunch will be a packed lunch comprising of cheese or ham sandwich, vegetable sticks, cake/traybake and fruit.  There may be other options added such as hotdogs or fish fingers – watch this space!

It will also be important to book a school packed lunch a week ahead (so by Thursday midday for the following week) via email directly to Pippa (our wonderful chef!):

A school packed lunch is free for all children in Class 1 and 2, and for any FSM children, otherwise it costs £2.30.  Payments are to be sent in (cheque payable to Chartwells or cash) a named, sealed envelope with children, who will then hand it in, in class.


Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Yesterday we enjoyed watching La Luna and thought about how the young boy had the courage to find his own way – to be true to himself and not feel he had to copy his father and Grandpa.

Today I have a different story for you to enjoy – it is called Tin Toy.  Have a watch and think about any messages that you can pick out of it…

The Tin toy goes through a range of different emotions, from happiness to fear, to sadness and joy – can you explain why?

The message that I picked out from this film (and your message might be very different!) is that sometimes it is ok to be scared and worried about something – but often we don’t need to be – we just need to find the right solution.  The tin toy was scared that the baby was going to break him, so he ran away and hid.  But actually he didn’t need to be scared, he just needed to help baby to find a different toy to play with.

What was your message?

So here’s a song that might have helped Tin Toy not to worry too much….


Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
We pray for those who are worried about things today.
We pray for those who are worried about things that have happened in the past and for those who are worried about what might happen in the future.
We ask that you be their friend and help them.
We pray also that you will help us to be good, kind friends to those who are worrying today.

The Final Map for Archie’s Kenyan Safari Challenge!

Around Kenya in 7 days – we did it!!!  Well done everyone!!  What a fantastic achievement!  I thought you might like to see the final map, and the fabulous young man that inspired this mammoth challenge!

I also have an update on how the fundraising is going….

So with Gift Aid you have all helped Archie raise nearly £900 so far!  We will keep the Giving Page open until the end of the week to allow any last minute donations!

Archie arrived at school this morning with a big grin and also a big thank you for everyone at Brown Clee!

What a super star!!!!!


Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

I hope everyone has had a good weekend – it was certainly very active with all the walking, running and cycling!  I will be posting a separate update for Archie’s Kenyan Safari Challenge – as at the time of writing (Sunday!) we do not have the final mileage!

We are in the last week of the academic year – and what a year this has been!  When we began in September last year, we would never have thought that we would be ending the year like this!  We didn’t know about words such as ‘remote learning’, ‘bubbles’,and  ‘social distancing’, we didn’t have yellow circles painted around our infant playground and we didn’t all have to do the ‘2m dance’ when moving around school – a quieter school than normal, as the majority of our children aren’t in it!

So as we reflect on this rather bizarre year, with it’s many challenges, we should also think about the many positives too.

Can you think about things that you have found challenging?

And now think about what you have enjoyed, succeeded at or surprisingly enjoyed?

For me, one of the biggest positives, is that despite the challenges and difficulties that coronoavirus and lockdown gave us, the awesome sense of team-spirit that is “Brown Clee” shone brightly – the children, staff, parents, governors – have all pulled together just brilliantly, to make this strange situation a success.  I can’t thank everyone enough – as without everyone’s support with the remote learning, and your understanding and patience with all the new procedures, we would not have been able to operate as effectively as we have done – so I do want to say a massive thank you to everyone!!

The year isn’t over yet though – we have 5 more days – and in those 5 days I think our assembly theme should be an extension of the half term’s theme, which was Courage.  I think we should be focusing on Hope.  The end of year is a time of change: new schools, new classes, new teachers, and there will be new procedures and routines to learn too – and in times of ‘newness’ there can be worries – but there should also be lots to look forwards to!

Here is a story about a young boy’s coming of age in the most peculiar of circumstances. Tonight is the first time that his Father and Grandpa are taking him to work. They row far out to sea, and with no land in sight, they stop and wait. A big surprise awaits the little boy as he discovers his family’s most unusual line of work. It is all so new – he has no idea how to behave, or what to do – should he follow the example of his Father or his Grandpa? Will he be able to find his own way amidst their conflicting opinions and timeworn traditions?

Enjoy and have a think about any messages you can pick from it….it’s called La Luna…

What a lovely story!  What did it make you think about?  It made me think about our Year 6s – who leave us at the end of this week,  with lots of unknowns ahead..just like this young boy on his first boat trip!  I am sure that some of the Year 6s may have some worries and doubts about what September will bring – but everyone of you (Callum, George Be, Maisie, Chloe, George Ba, Lewis, Ellowyne, Bebe, Alex, Anna and Henry) are ready for secondary school – and each of you is more than capable of finding your own way, and being your own person – just like the young boy in La Luna!

Our focus this week is also on ensuring that we make it as special as possible for our Year 6 pupils, and also for everyone!


We also have a birthday today – Flynn is 6 years old!!!  Happy Birthday!


Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
When things go wrong, help us to keep hoping.
When we are sad, help us to remember that happiness will come.
When we are lonely, help us to remember that people care for us.
When we are worried, help us to trust that you will never leave us.
Please help us to live in hope.

Archie’s Kenyan Safari Challenge! We Did It!!

What a day yesterday was for clocking up the miles! We had got to 1896 miles in the afternoon, still with a fair way to go to get all the way around Kenya (2141 miles)….

But everyone was very active and wehad the following miles in…

Miss Greenan’s brother and family 10 miles

Oscar and family 40 miles

Mrs Heath and family 20 miles

Ari and family 9 miles

Isabelle, Jorge and Dad 5 miles

Jake, Connor and family 28 miles

The Ratcliffes 25 miles

Isabelle’s Mum 38 miles

The Metcalfes 23 miles

Gill S 14 miles

Jeanette Coles 21 miles

The Pinches 44 miles

The Sanderson 25 miles

Harry and Ida 3 miles

Harry and Ida’s Mum 5 miles

Isabel Y 4 miles

The Boxalls 6 miles

Lola and family 6 miles

The Robinson’s 27 miles

The Beeches 29 miles

Mrs Buckingham 6 miles

So by the end of the day we had all travelled 2,283 miles in 7 days…..which has taken us around the Kenyan border (2,141 miles)!!!

Well done everyone who has got involved and supported Archie’s challenge! This whole idea came from Archie, who is 7 years old, and who wanted to set a physical challenge to raise money for the Karibuni Children charity. What an amazing achievement!!

Thank you to everyone for getting involved, and helping to show Archie, and everyone else, that we all have the power to make a difference! Thank you for supporting Karibuni Children, and if you haven’t donated yet or still wish to support this good cause, here is the link...

I hope that everyone has enjoyed joining in with the challenge, and am guessing we have all benefited from increased activity, but most of all thank you for supporting Archie and the Karibuni Children in Kenya….you have really helped to make a difference!


Homeward Stretch on Archie’s Kenyan Safari Challenge for Karibuni!

We have just had a rush of miles in – and some big ones too!  Before these came in we were at 1536 miles, heading south on the Western border….

But we have had a lot more miles just added…

Jake C and Dad 12 miles

Connor and Mum 5 miles

Clarke Family 24 miles

Mrs Godfrey and family 28 miles

Mrs Morris and family 202 miles (thanks to Mr Morris for cycling 191 miles!)

Miss McKelvey 14 miles

Mrs Fox and family 12 miles

Pippa and Mr Pippa 38 miles

Mr Harley 25 miles

Which takes us to…..1896 miles!!!  Just 245 miles to go!!!!   This is where we are….

Can we get back to Mombasa by midnight tonight!!!  I am expecting more miles in later – so keep watching this spot!!!  Dont forget to donate to Karibuni too



More Miles!

We have some big miles in now….

Miss Lewis and family 64 miles

Miss Greenan, George, Jess and Dad…40 miles

Mrs Gennard and son 46 miles

Ollie, Ella and family 10 miles

So we are now at a total of 1536 miles! So just 605 miles to go! I’m sure there will be plenty of you who have covered some miles this weekend, so please, please send them in so we can add them to the total for Archie!

Mileage Update: Archie’s Kenyan Safari Challenge

Yesterday morning we had reached 1039 miles…

…..just about half way around the Kenyan border!  Which does kind of leave us with a mammoth task today…..but for a small number of children and families to have accomplished such a distance is still a fantastic achievement!

We have had more miles in throughout yesterday too, here they are…

Mrs Godfrey 4 miles

The Sandersons 54 miles!!!

The Boxalls  22 miles

The Peakes 12 miles

The Beeches 14 miles

The Ratcliffes 19 miles

Gill S 12 miles

The Robinsons 14 miles

Miss Relph 12 miles

Alex (Miss Relph’s daughter!) 60 miles (10 mile daily run!)

Our new total at the beginning of Sunday is 1272 miles….over half way and nearly in the top left corner of Kenya!

Well the sun is shining today, so it is perfect for a summer’s walk or cycle!  Please, please, keep sending your mileage in – and if everyone could just do a little bit it will make a big difference!

Dont forget to also send your donations or sponsorship in to

Remember, all of this was the idea of 7 year old Archie Beech, who wanted to help the children living on the streets in Kenya – and so a massive thank you to everyone who has got involved, and helped to show Archie, that even though you are 7 years old, you can make a BIG difference to the world!  The money raised will make a massive difference to children who are having a particularly difficult time at the moment, as the schools are shut, and so they arent receiving the food and care they would normally be getting.


Mileage Update: Archie’s Kenyan Safari Challenge for Karibuni

We have had more miles come in from yesterday….

Jake C and family 30 miles

Rabbits 10 miles

Foxes 10 miles

Riley, Leia and Mum 6 miles

Keyworker Children 7 miles

Callum and Ben 14 miles

Isabelle, Jorge and Mum 35 miles

Miss McK 10 miles

Mrs Welch 9 miles

Year 6s 34 miles

The Ratcliffes 14 miles

Isabellle, Esmae  and Mum 9 miles

Oscar and Mum 11 miles
The Beeches 15 miles

The Robinson’s 15 miles

Gill S 9 miles

Emily and William (horse riding) 6 miles

Emily and William (walking) 6 miles
So our new total is now 1102 miles!!

We are over half way (map will follow shortly!), but we still have 1039 miles to go to get all the way around Kenya! We need some BIG walks, cycles and horse rides this weekend…so get your trainers on and don’t forget to email me the miles! I will be updating throughout the weekend!


Foxes adding some mileage to Archie’s challenge!

The Foxes have done 2 runs today to clock some more miles up for Archie’s Kenyan Safari Challenge! We even timed them as part of our maths learning about time and the different units we use to measure time. They were watched by Archie who as in keyworker care!

Congratulations Brown Clee!!

We are delighted to share the news that Brown Clee have awarded the School Games Award for 2019-20 for our support, commitment and engagement of virtual programmes during the Summer Term by the East Shropshire School Partnership for our family of schools – well done Brown Clee!  It has been fantastic to see everyone so fit and active at home and in school during the summer!

Mileage Update: Archie’s Kenyan Safari Challenge for Karibuni

We have had more miles in overnight –

Miss Lewis 9 miles

Miss Relph 4 miles

Miss Greenan 3 miles

Paul 50 miles (Thank you!)

Mrs Gennard 11 miles

Gill S 12 miles

The Robinsons 25 miles (a walk in the clouds!)









The Pinches – 4 miles

The Metcalfes 13 miles

Rosie B and family 23 miles

So we are now up to 864 miles – still not half way though – so please, please send your miles in!


Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Another busy week in school – with lots of travelling for Archie’s Kenyan Safari Challenge!  Hopefully you have been following as we have already covered many miles – but we still have many more to go – an update will follow shortly!  We need everyone to keep travelling across the weekend – and do lots of travelling as we have lots of miles to go to get back to Mombasa!  Also don’t forget to keep your sponsorship and donations coming in to  . If you would rather make a donation by cheque you can make it payable to Karibuni Children and either post it to school or drop it in to the Office – following the 2m social distancing guidance!

Today it is our ‘virtual’ Well Done Assembly to celebrate the achievements of our children. This week’s recipients are:-

Rabbits:  Isabel Salisbury


Foxes: Ella Howard

Mice: Ari Carson

Year 6:   Anna Bond


Well done everyone and have a lovely weekend – and enjoy the walking, running, cycling, swimming, rowing, horse riding and anything else!!  Please keep the emails coming in with mileage and photos – I will be updating throughout the weekend!


Prayer of the Day – Our School Prayer

Dear God

Thank you for our wonderful school.

Help us to be good learners.

Help us to look after each other.

Help us be respectful and kind and to make everyone welcome.

May our school be a happy, safe place where learning is fun.

Where we all work together to be the best we can be.


Mileage Update: Archie’s Kenyan Safari Challenge for Karibuni

We have had more miles in….

Mrs Gennard 8 miles

The Metcalfes 15 miles

Mrs Godfrey 2 miles

The Beeches 15 miles

The Rabbits 5 miles

The Ratcliffes 7 miles

Isabelle and Esmae 7 miles

Harry and Ida 4 miles

So we are now at 710 miles!!

A third of the way there with 3 days to go – can we do it!?!?!

Remote Learning Questionnaire

We have emailled out to all parents a remote learning questionnaire that we kindly request all parents to complete and return to school by the end of next week. YOu will find them here too.

Questionnaire to Prepare for Remote Learning (Word)

Questionnaire to Prepare for Remote Learning (PDF)

The questionnaire involves a few easy questions about Remote Learning, as we have to put in place contingency plans in case we have to provide this in the future in the instance of either children self-isolating of local lockdowns – both of which we hope we do not have to experience.
The government’s expectation is that all children would be expected to receive the same curriculum learning as if they were in school, and that it is not optional.  Therefore we would like you to help us to help you by providing is with information about what devices, barriers there are to home learning.
We are aware that a lot of information is coming out to you at the moment – and apologise if you feel bombarded – but with one week to go before the summer holidays, we need to put as much in place as possible to allow for a smooth start in September.
We have attached the questionnaire in 2 formats – Word and PDF – and they can be returned by email either as a word document or photograph – whichever is easiest.
Many thanks

Mileage Update:Archie’s Kenyan Safari Challenge for Karibuni

We have had more miles in over the evening – keep them coming in please as we have lots more to do!  Also don’t forget to sponsor and support using Archie’s Giving page:  So far everyone has raised nearly £700 for the Karibuni Children – well done!

Here are the miles…we have now reached a total of 645 miles!!!

Callum, Ben and Family 32 miles

Harry and Mum 9 miles

Jake, Alfie, Connor , Nic, Scott 50 miles

James C 10 miles

The Robinson 4 miles (swimming and rowing!!)

Joshua, Jasmine and Mum 6 miles








Emily and Mum 8 miles (horse riding!)








Isabel S 2 miles

Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

The days fly by and we are already at Thursday – Archie’s Kenyan Safari Challenge is up and running (or walking, cycling, horse riding!) and at the time of writing this the school community had reached 431 miles!  But we still have a long, long way to go to reach 2141 miles and get back to Mombasa by the end of Sunday!

So come on Brown Clee – get your trainers on and get walking, running cycling – every family member counts, staff as well!  I know we can do this!!

Today I thought it would be good to learn about life in the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi.  We learnt about what life for 8 year old Naresiah was like, living in a village in Kenya.  Today we are looking at Nana’s life on the outskirts of Nairobi.

As you are watching, have a think what is the same, and what is different, between Naresiah and Nana’s day.

What did you notice?  Did you spot anything the same?  What were the differences?

Kenya is a diverse country, with coast and beaches, savannahs and plains, and bustling cities. We normally think of Kenya and think of villages and African animals, like we say yesterday – but there is much more to it!  There are wealthy areas in cities with businesses and shops, and also areas of poverty where families live in slums.  These are the families that we want to help with Archie’s challenge.


Prayer of the Day

Dear God.

We thank you for all that we have.

Help us to give to others, at the touch of a button, every day.

Please be with those who have no food today.

Help us to do whatever we can to make the world a fairer place.