Tube ride back to Euston!

Wow – what a long day – right, we need to get onto the Tube again to take us back to Euston Station for the train ride home – we can’t be late!

The tube driver has been really kind and is letting us visit the cab at the front to see what it’s like riding at the front!


Class 1 and 2: Walk around London Zoo

We’ve arrived at London Zoo – come on Class 1 and 2 – let’s see what animals we can find!  This tour takes half an hour but we will get to see loads!

Wasn’t that great!  Hang on – where is Mrs Fox???  Has anyone seen her??

Mrs Foxxxxxxx…………………

Oh no – Mrs Fox has walked into the Lion’s Enclosure by mistake – quick get the zookeepers!!!

Tour of Covent Garden

That was delicious – and those scones were just huge!  We definitely need to go for a walk now – so let’s head off to Covent Garden – as it is such a fascinating place to explore!  Covent Garden is a district in London, on the eastern fringes of the West End, between St Martin’s Lane and Drury Lane. It is associated with the former fruit-and-vegetable market in the central square, now a popular shopping and tourist site, and with the Royal Opera House, itself known as “Covent Garden”.

Click the picture and enjoy the self guided, narrated tour so don’t get lost and meet back at Covent Garden Tube Station at 14:30 for the next part of the trip!

The history of Covent Garden

Wow – there was so much to see – well done for getting to Covent Garden Tube Station for the next part of the day!

Right – line up behind Mollie and listen in to what’s happening next!

This is where we split up – and Class 1 and 2 catch the underground and head off to London Zoo, whilst Class 3 and 4 are catching the underground and heading off to the Cabinet War Rooms… mind the gap!!!

Walk to Covent Garden

To get to Covent Garden we need to walk down Fleet Street first,


There are some fascinating buildings along Fleet Street..

This is where the Daily Express is based – it’s very modern!

This is building houses Prince Henry’s Rooms and is one of the few surviving buildings in the City of London dating from before the Great Fire of London in 1666.

Let’s see what else we can find…

Look where we have ended up at…..

The Savoy Hotel London Photography Print Black Cab Travel image 0

It’s the Savoy Hotel – shall we go in for afternoon tea???  Woahhh – where have Miss Greenan and Mrs Godfrey rushed off too…????

Ahhh…….afternoon tea of course!!!!


Tour of St Paul’s Cathedral

Phew – we’ve made it just on time!  Right, in we go….

What a beautiful cathedral – absolutely stunning!  Did you enjoy exploring it?

Right – time to line up back in classes for a head count…1,2,3,4,5……..104,105,106…..hang on there are 3 children missing!!!  Who is missing?  Teachers can you check names please… we have lost Mollie, Lexi and Archie – where could they be?!?

Oh no – how did they get up there in the Whispering Gallery!!  Come down Molly, Archie and Lexi – we need to get going to Covent Garden!!

Off to St Paul’s Cathedral!

Right – time to get ready to continue our tour – make sure you have got all your belongings – we are off to St Paul’s Cathedral!  To get there we are walking through the financial centre, called the City of London – keep your eyes out for some fascinating architecture!

First of all we are walking past a building called “The Gherkin” – can you see why it gets it’s name!?

30 St Mary Axe from Leadenhall Street.jpg


Keep moving though, as we don’t want to be late!  Next we walk past Lloyds of London, the centre for the London Insurance business…

Look how tall it is – what do you think the outside is made of?

Next we go past a more traditional building – the Bank of England…

Bank of England building, London, UK

before arriving at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Accessibility at St Paul’s Cathedral, London

…isn’t it grand!!!  Let’s go in and find out all about it!  Remember we must be quiet and respectful!

Tour of Tower of London

Tower of London

Right – best behaviour Brown Clee, as we are heading inside the Tower of London for a guided tour – we don’t want to get locked up!

Oh no – what have you done Chloe and Ida – you’ve been locked up in the White Tower!  I will go and talk to the Beefeater and see if he will release you!

Noooo – Ruby – don’t do that!!!  Right – quick everyone – it is time to leave!!!


Walk to Tower of London

Right – time to head across the river to the Tower of London – we need to find a bridge….this one will do – do you know it’s name?

It’s called Tower Bridge – and the road in the middle can lift up to let boats through….

Tower Bridge opens for a passing boat

Quick – the alarm is going and it’s about to lift – but we need to get across to the Tower of London for 11.30 or we will miss the tour!!

Off to see HMS Belfast now!

What an exciting ride that was – we could see for miles!!  And thank goodness Benji managed to climb back into the Pod – phew!!!

Right, we need to walk along the South Embankment now, past The Globe Theatre where Shakespeare had his plays performed…

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre faces potential closure

….hmmmm….I think some buildings in Ludlow and Shrewsbury look a little similar!

Oh look….what a beautiful boat….


It’s called the Golden Hind, and was captained by Sir Francis Drake, who circumnavigated the world in it back in 1577.  We mustn’t dawdle though as we have to be at a rather more modern ship, HMS Belfast soon!

Come on Class 4 – stop trying to climb the rigging and keep walking!!

Trip on the London Eye

Right – here is your ticket – don’t drop it!  We are off for a ride on the London Eye –


If you don’t like heights then stay in the middle….otherwise enjoy the view and see how many landmarks you can find! (Click on the picture below of a Pod and explore the famous London sights – it is self guided)

Stepping on to the London Eye capsule

Can you spot HMS Belfast and St Paul’s Cathedral – places we are visiting later??

Oh no – Benji!!!  What are you doing – be careful – you might fall!!!!  Get down back into the Pod!!


Morning Break at St James Park

What a great tour of the Palace – so interesting!  I think we have all earnt a well-deserved snack break – let’s head to St James Park….

St James's Park and Green Park Adventures of a London Kiwi

The daffodils are beautiful!

St James's Park and Green Park Adventures of a London Kiwi

Oh no – one greedy duck has pinched Mr Smith’s sandwich!!!

Right – eat up – make sure you have picked up any litter – we are off to the Houses of Parliament now and we daren’t be late!!!

Walk from Euston Station to Buckingham Palace

Right – here we go – tight formation – past the Post Office Tower on our right…

BT Tower-1.jpg

…then down through Fitzrovia past The British Museum…just as the sun has come out too!

Now we are turning onto Oxford Street – so please stay close together as it’s going to get busy!

“Look where you are going Sam – mind the lamp post!!!”

Oh no it’s raining now – and noisy!  (This clip is 30 minutes long – it is included to add some background noise and movement! – so just dip into it!)

Phew – the sun has come out again – right onwards through Wellington Arch…..

Wellington Arch © Memoirs Of A Metro Girl 2013

up Constitutional Hill……

and we have arrived….look who is on the balcony!!!!!!




Time to Board the Train to London!

Make sure you’ve got your ticket and belongings and let’s board the train heading to Euston Station in London!  Don’t forget to check the departure board to find the right platform and then let’s find a carriage with comfy seats so that we can enjoy the scenery as we go whizzing south!

We have arrived!!  Get your packed lunch and coats, stay close….

Euston Station London - - 1309275.jpg

first stop the toilets….

Euston Station public toilets

Right – now time for a headcount….stay in your classes, 2 by 2, we are off to Buckingham Palace!

Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Today is World Book Day – although we all think that every day should be world book day, as books open up whole new world’s for children and can enrich everyone’s lives!

I am sure many of you are dressed as your favourite book character, and we look forward to seeing your photos – but don’t forget that the most important thing to do is to actually open a book and read or listen to a book being read to you!

There are also lots of resources and events being shared on – including live sessions with authors, and lots of masterclasses giving you ideas and inspiration of how to enjoy and immerse yourselves in books at home.

Here is a video story to enjoy..

There’s also a World Book Day song to enjoy…

World Book Day is a great day to celebrate stories and books. We can all enjoy books because there are so many different kinds; we can all find something that we will love. Today, we can be thankful that we get to learn to read so that we can enjoy these books for ourselves. We can also be thankful for all the authors who have given us stories to enjoy.

But do you know what the world’s bestselling book of all time is???…..

Here are some clues…

This book isn’t just one book, it’s more like a book of books. In fact, it’s a bit like holding an entire library in your hands!
– This book is made up of 66 smaller books.
– For many years, the stories in this book were passed on by word of mouth. It took hundreds of years for them all to be written down.
– When this book was first translated into English so that people could read it and understand it for themselves, it was seen as such a dangerous book that the person who had done the translation was killed!
– This book has adventure, romance, danger, battles, poetry and more.

Any ideas??  It’s The Bible. The Bible is split into two parts: the Old Testament, which tells stories of what happened before Jesus was born, and the New Testament, which explains what happened when Jesus was born through to after he had returned to heaven.
There are stories about battles, shipwrecks and adventures; stories about miracles that Jesus performed; and stories about how the world was created. There are poems that people wrote to worship God, and letters that Jesus’ followers wrote to encourage each other.
Sometimes, we might see the Bible as a dusty old book with tiny writing that is far too long for us to read. However, there are versions available that just tell a few of the key stories, especially for children.

Today, the Bible is the bestselling book in the whole world. For Christians, this book is very special and important. It teaches them more about God and what it means to follow him. For all of us, it’s a book that we can take a look at for ourselves. We may already know some of the stories, but if we take a look at it, we will discover new things to learn and enjoy about it.

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Thank you for books and stories.
Thank you for the Bible, which tells us more about you.
Thank you for the opportunity to learn to read so that we can discover these things for ourselves.


Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

We have recently been thinking about learning skills and the importance of having a growth mindset – and as a reminder here are the differences between having a growth mindset and a fixed mindset:-

We have also been thinking about how important it is that we say “I can’t do it yet” instead of just “I can’t do it”. Today I want us to think about mistakes, and how we feel about them?  Ask yourself – how do you feel about making a mistake?  Does it worry you?  Are you scared of getting something wrong?  Have a watch of this story called “The Most Magnificent Thing” and see if it can teach you something about mistakes…

Thank goodness for her dog – as the dog managed to convince the girl to persevere and not give up – to carry on despite the mistakes and problems – and she did – and what a magnificent thing it was that she created!!  Imagine how she would have felt if she had given up?……sad, defeated, lacking in confidence, a failure!   But by persisting despite the mistakes, she succeeded and as a result she must have felt so proud of herself!

Have a think about a time that you have made a mistake, or got something wrong?  How did it make you feel?  Did you give up?  And if so how did you then feel?  Or did you push through and persevere – I bet this made you feel confident and proud, giving you a true sense of achievement!

We all make mistakes – we are human!  The important thing is that we aren’t worried about them, as mistakes are normal – and they allow us to learn and improve.

Take a quiet moment to reflect –

Do you see mistakes as failure?

Or are they an opportunity to learn and do better next time?


Prayer of the Day

Dear God,

Help us to learn through our mistakes.

Teach us to know right from wrong so that we do not hurt others by what we say or do.

Give us the strength to cope when mistakes are made and help us to deal with them sensibly.


Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

I have been wondering, since yesterday’s assembly, I wonder how many of you have used the words “I Can’t”?  Hands up if you think you’ve used them in the last day?  Today I want to try and teach you how you can change a negative (where you are stuck with a problem and can’t see any solution or hope) into a positive (where you feel happier and more confident). – and all it takes are 3 letters!

Have a watch of this video and see if you can work out what those 3 letters are…

Have you ever felt like Katie – where you are stuck but don’t want to ask for help and yet can’t solve a problem – so you feel like giving up?  What message is this story telling you?  If you add the word “Yet” onto the end of “I can’t do it”, it suddenly sounds like “I can do it if I try again” or “I can do it if I ask for help”.

So as you go through this week – when you come up against a problem or a challenge and are about to say “I can’t do it” – try adding the little word “Yet” on the end – and then ask yourself, “what can I do to solve it?”.

There is always a solution – the solution just might not be obvious – and it might need a helping hand!

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Thank you that we can learn from every difficult situation.
Please help us to be people of resilience.
Help us to get back up again when things go wrong.
Help us never to give up.
Help us to persevere.
Thank you for the courage and resilience of people who have shown us that stumbling need not mean failure,
For people we know and for inspirational figures who are role models to us.
We are thankful for their example.
Give us the courage and determination to use the power of ‘yet’.




Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

What a beautiful weekend – wasn’t it so lovely to see the sunshine!


So remember, when you come up against a problem – try and think “how can I solve this” rather than “I can’t do it” – have a go – like crow!



Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Sometimes, we need to think ‘I can’
instead of saying say ‘I can’t’.
Sometimes we have to look at old problems in new ways.
Sometimes we must keep trying
when we feel like giving in.
Thank you for always understanding and having faith in us.
Help us to have more faith in ourselves, in others, and in you.
Through Jesus Christ

Show & Tell: My Favourite Film/TV Programme – 10.30am

Don’t forget to join us in 10 minutes for whole school Show & Tell!!  The link has been sent my email – and the theme is your favourite Film or TV Programme – Busy Bees are looking forwards to seeing and hearing from their friends at home!

This will probably be the last one as next week we are off to London and then we are back in school!