Times Tables Rockstars

Good Morning Class 3!

I have set up a battle on TTRS – as you requested!

Girls v Boys

Starts today at 9.30am and ends on Sunday 18th April at 9.30am


River Ganges Challenge

We are doing really well with our class fitness challenge.

We have travelled another 311 km which brings our total to 998km!!

Well done Class 3!!

World Book Day Fun!

Thank you for sending in photos for World Book Day.

We’ve had The Gruffalo’s Child, Peter Pan, Moana, Hermione Granger, Bobbie from The Railway Children, Willy Wonka and many more!

I hope you’ve had a good day celebrating books and reading.

World Book Day – Activities

Here are some activities you can do to celebrate your favourites books and stories:

  • Dress up as your favourite book character
  • Have a go at our quiz (see link below)
  • Take a look at the World Book Day website: http://www.worldbookday.com
  • Share a story with a member of your family

Send in pictures or videos to the class email addresses, we would love to see them!

WBD – Quiz


It’s World Book Day!

Today is World Book Day, a day when children (and adults) all over the world celebrate books and reading. (I’ll let you into a secret….I believe everyday is World Book Day!)

I’ve been doing some research about reading….

Did you know?

  • If you read for 20 minutes a day you will have read 1,800,000 words in one year!
  • You will learn between 4,000 and 12,000 words in one year just by reading!
  • Regular reading improves brain connectivity, reduces stress, aids sleep, helps increase self confidence and reduces feelings of loneliness.
  • Reading can take you all over the world….in your imagination!
  • Regular reading improves your concentration and helps your understanding of different cultures and customs.

You don’t just have to read books. You can read ANYTHING – Leaflets, newspapers, magazines, cereal packets, comics, labels on jars/tins, road signs, cookery books, poems, jokes, instructions, labels on the supermarket shelves, bottles of bubble bath, anything with words!!

You can also read ANYWHERE – at bedtime, in the bath, listen to stories in the car, read in the garden, read on the beach, read in the car, read in a tractor, read up a tree…..

So, today (and everyday) enjoy a story. Listen to a story or read to yourself. How does it make you feel?


River Ganges Challenge – Update

Hi Class 3! Here is an update on our River Ganges fitness challenge.

We have travelled another 250 km (155 miles). So, we have 1,838 km (1,148 miles) to go until we reach the Bay of Bengal.

Keep it up!

World Book Day – Thursday 4th March

This year we are not in school for World Book Day. But, we can still celebrate and share our love of reading and books – virtually!

On Thursday next week send in photos and videos of you reading and enjoying books and stories. You could share a story with a parent, brother, sister or your pet!

Maybe you could dress up as your favourite character? Maybe you like to read in different places like up a tree, in a tractor or under the stairs?!

WBD – Quiz Here is a fun quiz to have a go at too.

Also, take a look at the World Book Day website where there are lots of ideas and activities for celebrating books and reading: https://www.worldbookday.com/

Send in any photos and videos to the class email addresses. We look forward to seeing them!


River Ganges Challenge – Update

Hello Class 3!

Thank you for sending in your distances for our River Ganges Challenge. Don’t forget you can walk, run, cycle, travel anyway you like!

Getting outside for some fresh air and exercise is so good for our physical and mental health!

We have travelled another 108km. We now have 2,088km (1,297 miles) to go.

River Ganges Challenge – Update

Here is an update on our River Ganges Challenge….

Last week we travelled 140km.

So we now have 2,196 km (1,365 miles) to go.


TTRS Battle – Girls v Boys!

Hi Class 3!

I have set up a Times Tables Rockstars battle – Girls v Boys!

The battle ends on Monday afternoon at 3pm – Good Luck!

River Ganges Challenge – Update

Hello Class 3!

This week we have travelled 79.5 km. Thank you for sending in your distances.

We now have 2,336km (1,451.5 miles) to go! 

Spelling Shed Challenge

Good Afternoon Class 3!

I’ve set up a new challenge on Spelling Shed……

Year 3 v Year 4

Ends on Monday at 3pm

The challenge is on the Year 3 and 4 words…….score as many points as you can!

River Ganges Challenge – Update

Hi Class 3!

Thank you to everyone who sent in distances towards our fitness challenge.

So far, we have travelled 109.5 km. We have 2,415.5 km to go!

River Ganges Challenge

Hi Class 3!

Don’t forget to send in your distances for our fitness challenge to the class email address.

Thank you to Rosie M (and Hugo!), Finn and Finley who have sent in their distances.

So far, we have travelled 46 km….

Spelling Shed- Hive Game

Well done to those of you who took part in today’s Hive Game on Spelling Shed – the first game of this half term!

We will be doing a Hive Game every Friday at the same time. Each week we will have a different theme to the spellings (linked to our English work for that week)

Times Tables Rockstars

I have set up a battle on Times Tables Rockstars. The teams are:

Boys v Girls!

The battle ends on Monday morning at 9am

The children can play Garage, Studio, Soundcheck – all correct answers earn points for their team

Last TTRS Battle

Hi Class 3. It’s nearly the end of term, so how about one last battle on TTRS?

This time it’s Year 3 v Year 4

Battle starts today at 3pm and ends next Thursday at 3pm


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