‘Animal Man’ Visit

Yesterday afternoon, the Grasshoppers had a visit from Simon, from Corner Exotics. We all learnt so much about the world and the animals that live in it. In particular, those from Australia and those animals with similar adaptations.

It was a wonderful experience and the children were very enthusiastic about touching and holding a variety of animals.

A blue tongued skink, carpet python, black ring-neck snake, boa constrictor, Madagascar cockroach, pygmy hedgehog, chinchilla, scorpion, giant spiny stick insect, Avicularia tarantula, salmon pink bird-eater tarantula, Honduran curly haired tarantula, Australian green tree frog, African bullfrog, Horsefield tortoise and an East Australian bearded dragon.

We will be exploring some of the issues that Simon talked about and researching some of the animals further, in the classroom.

I think the photographs show how much the children enjoyed the visit!