Class 4 – Remote Learning – 12.01.21

Good morning all!


It’s really great how much work is being sent in, and I’m really please with how you are all doing. One thing which I think would help some of you even further is a reminder that the purpose of learning is not just completing the activities; learning is about taking the time to really understand what you are learning about. What some of you have been doing (and I know it is very tempting to do!) is rushing through all of your working, trying to complete it all as quick as possible. If you do this, there is a chance that you won’t fully understand what you’re learning to do, so please take your time to try to understand your learning. If you’re not sure on anything, please send me an email to ask for help.

As a rough estimate (based on the Government’s recommendation of 4 hours of work a day for KS2), this is about how long each activity should take (some of you might take a little shorter time to understand it; some might take a little longer to understand):

  • Maths (including EBM and extension) = ~1 hour
  • English (including S/F/RO) = ~1 hour
  • Extras (e.g. class read – will start tomorrow; spellings, WCR) = ~1 hour
  • Afternoon lessons = ~ 1 hour

So, just remember, it’s not about completing everything and getting it done quickly – it’s about making sure you understand what it is you are learning about. Some of you may well complete the work the quickly – but if you do, it should be because you have a very good understanding of it.


Don’t feel this is a criticism as you are all doing really well – especially considering we only started remote learning last week, but it was just something I have noticed happening. It’s also been really great how some of you are asking for more work after successfully completing the work set! If you do think you have a good understanding of the work set, and you have completed it quickly, please do ask for more!


Here is a rough timetable of this week again. If you’d rather structure your day a different way, please feel free.

You may notice on that timetable that we have a “live lesson” planned which will be to meet Larry (our temporary axolotl), who was brought to school last Monday ready for this term. The live session will be an informal and optional session where you will get to a chance to see each other together, meet Larry and, if he’s hungry (he almost always is…), get a chance to see him being fed! This will be done on Teams and more information on how to join in will be available later in the week.



Here are some EBM questions for you to have a go at before maths. All of these questions are all about your understanding of equals sign. Think carefully about what is happening in each question.

EBM – 12.01


Maths: Equivalent Fractions (Part 2)

Please make sure you take the time to watch the video and listen carefully to what is being said.

We are continuing to look at equivalent fractions – as it such an important skill when working with fractions.


Here is the video link:

Here is the worksheet: Equivalent Fractions – 2 (W2)


If you have any issues with the video, please let me know.


Maths: Extension

Here are some more extension question – if you feel like more of a challenge after finishing your main task.

Maths Extension – 12.01


Sentence / Fragment / Run-on

As we usually do in school, here is a Sentence / Fragment / Run-on task:

Sentence, Fragment, Run-on 12.01

The first page is just the information / a recap on the difference is between an sentence, a fragment and a run-on again.



In hindsight, we probably could have done both of today’s and yesterday’s sessions in one. It’s really difficult to gauge how much to set remotely. However, here are my explanation of the words and phrases from yesterday. You can compare them with yours.

Z2H Explanations 1


Here are the second half of the vocabulary words. The second page of this includes some summary questions about the song and video for you to also to have a go at:

Vocabulary words and summary questions – Z2H


Class Read

I will begin putting a recording of a daily chapter of Who Let the God Out on here for you to listen to – starting from tomorrow. Please do listen to this as when we return to school, we will be carrying from wherever we get up to.


Whole-class Reading

Here is today’s WCR text: Vi Spy – Maz Evans – text

Here are the questions: Vi Spy – Maz Evans – questions


This text is another book written by Maz Evans (the author of Who Let the Gods out, our class text for this term).



In geography, we are going to start looking at geographical fieldwork.

Here is your 1st lesson on this (you’ll have more lessons on this in the coming weeks):


This lesson follows the same format as usual: A video (with some activities) and an end-of-lesson quiz. As it’s the first lesson in this sequence, there won’t be an introductory quiz.



For today’s P.E. session, we are going to be looking at keeping/matching a pace when running longer distances.

Like last week, you are going to need a safe space to run in (preferably outdoors, but indoors is also okay). What you will need to do is decide on what one lap of your space is. If you are lucky enough to have a garden that you can run in, this could be once around the outside of this. If you have a smaller space, then running between 2 markers could be your lap.

You will then run for 10 minutes (without stopping). Make sure you time this and that you also count how many laps you do.

When you finish, record the number of laps you have done and have a break for around 5 – 10 minutes.

Once you feel like you can go again, start your timer again (but this time so that you can’t see it. You are going to run the same number of laps as that you recorded earlier and once you have finished, you are going to stop the timer and see how close you are to 10 minutes. The closer you are the better!


As always, please email me ( any question if you are confused with or don’t understand anything.


I look forward to hearing from you.

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