Class 4 – Daily Activities – 30.04

Good morning. Before you check out today’s activities, here are yesterday’s answers.

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As always, you don’t have to do these activities at a set time or in a set order – that’s all up to you. Also, you don’t have to be doing work all day! Feel free to send in some pictures or videos of some of the other things you have been doing at home.


Spelling Shed

We are only going to be doing Hive Games on Mondays from now on.



Early Bird Maths

This week, you will have something called a “Flashback 4” in each of your maths videos. These are similar to EBM and therefore I will only be including 5 EBM questions.


Year 5 maths:

Y5 maths video:

Click below to start the video clip. You can pause it if you need to.


Y5 maths activity:

Y5 – Percentages-as-fractions-and-decimals-2019


Year 6 maths:

Y6 maths video:

Click below to start the video clip. You can pause it if you need to.


Y6 maths activity:

Y6 – Introduce-angles-2020


Extension – Bar Models:

Bars 1&2
Bars 3&4



Sentence / Fragment / Run-on

1.) Thank you for all your help, it means a lot.
2.) I need help, I’m slipping.
3.) If you’ve got time, could you pass by Tom’s house?
4.) As slowly as she could, Evie leaned around the corner of the door.
5.) Without even a second glance.
6.) There it is!
7.) I’m not particularly pleased.
8.) Until they get here.
9.) He’s my friend – most of the time.
10.) We’ve not got time, they’re going to be here in any minute!



Here’s today’s chapter from Pax:



Daily Video

Here’s today’s animation:

and some questions to get you thinking:

1.) What two things make the lady want to get a new robot?
2.) What does the new robot do with the old one?
3.) Why does the lady like the new robot at first?
4.) What makes the lady want to get rid of the new robot?
5.) After the old robot is kicked out, what makes it come back?
6.) Which robot would you prefer and why?



Today’s writing task is to create a poster advertising one of the robots from today’s video (you can choose which one). Things to think about: what images you may want to include, what information you wish to include and the price. Remember, if you’re advertising something, you’re trying to make the reader want whatever you are advertising (in this case a robot).



Our topic this term is going to be Tudor Shropshire. Last week in history, we looked at home the Tudors fitted within the bigger picture of British history. Today, you are going to see if you can find out the order of these Tudor Kings and Queens.


Tudor K&Q Q