Staff Name Role Responsibilities
Sue Relph Headteacher / Class 1 Teacher (Fri) SENCO, Child Protection, EVC
Danny Harley Class 4 Teacher (Y5/6)  P.E, Assessment, I.C.T
Ally Heath Class 3 Teacher (Y3/4/5) Maths, English, Child Protection (as of Nov)
Nicky Morris (M/T/W/Th) Class 2 Teacher (Y1/2) PSHE, Maths
Mandy Cains (Fri) Class 2 Teacher (Y1/2)
Nicky Fox Class 1 Teacher (YR/1) EYFS, Paediatric First Aid
Louise Harman Administrator First Aider
Lunchtime Supervisor
Gill Rollings HLTA Lunchtime Superviser, Forest School Teacher
Mark Smith HLTA Lunchtime Superviser, First Aider
Gill Davies T.A Lunchtime Superviser
Alison Greenan HLT.A Lunchtime Superviser, First Aider
Liz Markall T.A Lunchtime Superviser
Cath Welch T.A Lunchtime Superviser
Kerry Godfrey T.A Lunchtime Superviser
Jennifer Gennard T.A  Lunchtime Superviser
Lucy McKelvey T.A Wed pm and Th/Fri
Molly Andrews Sports T.A
Karen Moreton Breakfast & ASC Superviser
Jane Bufton Breakfast & ASC Superviser Cleaner in Charge
Lyn Orsborn Cleaner  Lunchtime Supervisor
Pippa Martin Cook
Pam Nickless Assistant Cook
Debbie Mullard Assistant Cook