Whole School Mile

What a beautiful day Friday was for the whole school mile. It was great to see children once again trying their best and supporting each other. Several children commented that they could run more laps now than when we first did this. Well done!

Gymnastics – Balancing

Today – in class 4 – we have been refining our balancing skills in gymnastics. Click on the images below for a closer look.

Science topic work – the body.

As part of our science work, Reception and Year 1 children have been learning the parts of the body. The children drew around each other onto paper and cut out the body outlines. They then went onto label the parts of the body onto the outlines. They were very intrigued to discover what the brain and the heart looks like – “ it looks like spaghetti!” and “it looks like a piece of beef.”

We have also investigated whether the oldest person is always the tallest and some of the children were surprised to find out that the oldest person is not always the tallest.

Prince Charming Visit to Class 1

Class 1 have had a very special visitor this morning!  Prince Charming arrived at school searching for Cinderella.  I hope they can help him to find his Princess!

Packed Lunches

We have reminded children that any packaging waste from their packed lunch needs to be put into their packed lunch bags and return home, so that parents can be aware of what has or hasn’t been eaten. In consideration of this, can we kindly request that parents don’t send children with a carton of fruit juice for lunch, as these are often not finished and would leak badly into the packed lunch bags, plus we advocate that children are drinking water in school, and not sugary, fruit drinks. Thank you for your support.