Fancy Dress Friday PE with Joe!

Hands up who joined in with Fancy Dress Friday PE with Joe Wicks!! Image result for hands up sign

I had a thought, if you sent in your photos of you in your costumes to then I will compile them (along with me and Mrs Morris – who also joined in and looked amazing!) and send them into Joe from everyone at Brown Clee!

Anyway – as promised – this is me in my 80s themed outfit joining in with Joe and everyone else this morning!

Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good News: The Resurrection

Yesterday we thought about the Easter Story, when Jesus was crucified on the cross to save us all.  This day is now known as Good Friday?  What a strange name!  What was good about it?  Can you think of anything?

Today we are looking at Easter Sunday, which was when Jesus’ was resurrected.  Watch and listen to this short story by clicking on the picture:

Easter is a time of mixed feelings: sadness, confusion and loss, but also happiness, hope and joy. For Christians, Easter is a joyful time and reminds us that sadness does not last for ever.  So as we break up for our Easter break, away from each other, let’s have a moment to reflect and think to the future, the joy of being back together.

Easter is also a time of new starts, and so is Spring; so to put a smile on your face, what better way than sharing one of my favourite Spring songs – please join in!


Prayer for the Day

Loving God,
Thank you that when awful things happen
sadness does not last for ever.
Thank you for the surprise beginnings
that today will hold in store.


Good Morning Brown Clee!

What a strange way to end the Spring Term – no Well Done Assembly, House Point Presentation or Easter Celebrations! But every day is a new day and takes us a day closer to being back together – whenever that may be!  So for the first time ever I’d like to present a virtual Well Done Certificate to the entire school community for being absolute superstars in working together, communicating together to ensure the school partnership carried on!

The teachers will be setting the last day’s activities for the term – so please enjoy!  We are so thrilled with the response from children and parent in carrying out the activities that the teachers are posting.  We appreciate the challenges, such as having children in different year groups, having working parents or other commitments, but every single thing that you have done has been brilliant – thank you and well done!

I’d like to wish everyone a restful Easter; it will be different as we will all be at home with family rather than heading away for holidays or day-trips.  But living in the beautiful Shropshire countryside is a definite bonus – so I look forwards to hearing all about the fab things you get up to when we get back together, in whatever format that will be on April 20th.

I’m about to go and get myself ready for Fancy Dress Friday with Joe Wicks – see you there!

Yesterday’s answers

Here are the answers from yesterday’s questions:



Problems of the day


Bar Models


Challenge of the day

If you were just to count the small squares, then you should have got 64. However, there are not just small squares. Here’s a pictures showing a 1×1 square, a 3×3 square and a 2×2 square:

When we start exploring these different sized squares, there are 49 2×2 squares, 36 3×3 squares, 25 4×4 squares, 16 5×5 squares, 9 6×6 squares, 4 7×7 squares and 1 8×8 square.

Therefore, there are 64 + 49 + 36 + 25 + 16 + 9 + 4 + 1 (or 204) squares on a chessboard.


Does anyone notice something interesting about all of these numbers?


Here’s a video showing all these possible different squares you can find:


Sentence / Fragment / Run-on

1.) Sentence
2.) Sentence
3.) Sentence
4.) Sentence
5.) Sentence
6.) Sentence
7.) Sentence
8.) Sentence
9.) Sentence
10.) Sentence

Class 1 sharing post

Thank you to everyone who has kept me updated with all the wonderful things you have been doing during the last 2 weeks. Please keep them coming. I know everyone (children and staff) are enjoying seeing what you have all been up to.

Have a look at what your friends have been doing. Make sure you read the lovely Easter messages from some of your friends!

Maisie also sent in a video of her brilliant, indoor assault course:


Illustrations – DrawWithRob

I’ve already had some fantastic illustrations already – based on the DrawWithRob draw-along videos.

Here’s Ellowyne’s Gregosaurus:


Maisie has already done a Greg and a Kevin:


Alex has even drawn her whole family as stegosauruses:

Rob Biddulph does a draw-along every Tuesday and Thursday.

Here’s his website if you want to do any of other (or any of his future ones)



Well Done Maisie, Elliot and Archie!

A massive well done to Maisie, Elliot and Archie for today’s Spelling Shed Hive Challenge – you beat me!!!  You have earnt a well-deserved price for being super-spellers!  A special mention to Emily – as she did brilliantly on games 3 and 4, which were all Year 5 and 6 words!

Final Spring Term Spelling Shed ‘Beat Miss Relph’ Challenge tomorrow!

PE with Joe Wicks: Fancy Dress Friday!

For those of you who have been exercising with Joe Wicks – let’s see if we can get as many as possible joining in tomorrow morning, and remember it is in fancy dress! Don’t forget to send photos of you in your outfits doing the exercise to your class teachers (and what tough work it is – my legs are still aching!)

Reflection Time and Prayer

We are approaching a very important Christian festival, that of Easter.  So I thought that it would be good to remind ourselves of the Easter Story in the Bible.  Watch the following video that retells the Easter Story: (click the picture to take you to the story)

How does the story make you feel?  Happy or Sad? Or both?  Sometimes stories can be both sad and happy, and sometimes  stories are hard to understand. Are there things in our lives that we don’t understand? Are things happening even now that are difficult or make us sad?

The Easter story reminds us that, even in difficult times, there is always hope.

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Thank you for sending Jesus into our world to teach us about your love for us.
Help us this Easter to celebrate the joy of his resurrection and the joy of your presence with us.

Good Morning Brown Clee!

It is lovely to see the sun shining over the hills this morning and listening to the birds chirping – Spring is definitely here!  Can you list any other signs of Spring or see any in your gardens?

There are 2 more days left in this Spring term, and from catching up on the class news pages there are still some distances to go with the class fitness challenges!  I am about to do my morning work out with Joe Wicks – and am going to join in tomorrow’s fun with fancy dress!  I wonder who else will work out with Joe in fancy dress on Friday?

Have a good day and keep those photos coming in – they really brighten up my day!

Reflection Time


We have been thinking about kindness this week, and another word with a similar meaning is COMPASSION.  This has been our value of the half term whilst in school this Spring.  There is a well known Bible parable that demonstrates compassion – The Good Samaritan.  Here is a puppet version of the story for you to watch.  Have a think about what you would do if you saw someone in difficulties?  Would you be like the Samaritan?  Click the picture to go to the video.

See the source image

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,

At home, at school, at work and play,

not just today, but every day,

may I care for myself and others too,

and lend a hand cheerfully when it is right to do.


Good Morning Brown Clee!

Well we are at Wednesday already – time flies!  We hope that everyone is well and continuing to enjoy carrying out some of the fantastic learning activities and opportunities that the teachers are sharing each day!

Today is the middle of World Autism Awareness Week, so I thought it might be useful to share a short video that helps explain what autism is, to young and old!


Daily Reflection


Yesterday we reflected on why The Boy wanted to be kind when he grew up. Today I have a short video to share, entitled ‘Colour Your World with Kindness’.


Watch the video and think what colours would you choose to colour your world if you had a choice?  What acts of kindness could you do today to add some colour at home? Can you add some colour to your family through acts of kindness such as setting the table for dinner, tidying your room or even just giving your parents a hug!?  Why not try and let me know what happens when your colour with kindness by emailing

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Thank you that we can be kind to one another.
Thank you for the teachers and families who teach us why we need to be kind.
Thank you, God, for the kindness and love that you show us.
Please help us to forgive our friends for any fallings-out.
Please help us always to give people a second chance.
Please help us to say sorry and start again.

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Hello again! I’ve just had a lovely treat catching up on all the interesting and varied activities everyone is getting up to with their home learning! You are all brilliant!

Today is a special day for Ida in Class 1 as today is her 5th birthday! Can we all wish Ida a happy birthday and sing along : Happy Birthday Ida!

Don’t forget to check back at 10am for today’s Reflection Time and prayer.

This afternoon between 1 and 3pm, the Shropshire Music Service is involved in ‘The Big Sing’, a region-wide virtual vocal concert featuring schools from 14 different music hubs, including Shropshire! So click this link and enjoy losing yourself in music this afternoon!

The Big Sing


Daily Reflection


Earlier this term I introduced this beautiful book by Charlie Mackesy called “The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse”.  The first page is the one above – and we discussed it in our assembly.  I thought it particularly relevant in the current situation.

In our reflections at school, I share mine and then offer children the opportunity to share theirs – the rules are there are no right or wrong answers, we listen respectfully and we need to give reasons/explain our thoughts.

So my thoughts about this picture are that I think the boy has realised it is more important to strive to be kind than to try and be anything else, because if you are kind to others then they will be kind to you. By being kind you can bring a smile and happiness to others. In these strange times, a little kindness can go a long way to helping families live harmoniously. Over to you….(please feel to share your reflections or own prayers by sending to so I can share them with the rest of the school).
Click here for a Kindness Song

Click here for A-LITTLE-BIT-OF-KINDNESS Challenge

Prayer for the Day

Dear God,
Sometimes, life is full of happy things, but sometimes, life is difficult.
Thank you for our friends who share things with us and help us.
Thank you that wherever we are and whatever we are doing,
You are always there for us and you are always ready to listen.

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Good morning and I hope you all had a good weekend.  The sun seems to be hiding itself today but I am sure it will return soon!

The teachers will be setting their activities again for 9am – please do keep sharing the photos and work with your teachers.  It is lovely for us to see what you are getting up to, but more importantly it is a good way for you all to keep in touch with friends.  We might not be able to see each other face to face, but we can still see on here!

This week I am going to start posting a Reflective Thought of the Day and Prayer at 10am each day – to virtually replicate our assembly and collective worship.  If you wish to share your reflections or send your own prayer in to be used on the School News please email them in using the email address.

Shropshire Music and Class 4’s Folkwhistle learning

We thought we’d share what Class 4 have been doing during their music lessons with Shropshire Music Service. For this last term they all had a folk whistle which they could take home to practice, and had a weekly lesson learning the notes and fingerling, how to read music and learning to play as an ensemble. This is what they have achieved! Well done a class 4 (and Mr Harley and Mr Smith who also learnt alongside the children!).

click here for the video.

Morning Workout!

Well I have survived! Not sure the dogs were impressed to start with, but Sally wanted to join in after a while! Hope you all enjoyed your work out too….please share any photos by emailing them to your class teacher!

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Well day 5 of remote teaching and learning! We are missing you all, but the photos you send in are fantastic….we really look forwards to receiving them, so thank you!

A big thank you too for being so supportive and engaged with the learning that the teachers are setting! There is a treat in store today…a virtual guided tour of Chester Zoo! If you go to Class 1 or 2’s class news you’ll find the link!

I’m just getting ready to join Joe Wickes on his workout…so will be thinking of all the photos of everyone joining in through the week to motivate me!

Have a good weekend and stay safe!

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Today is a very special day for Alfie…it is his birthday and will be celebrating at home, so we thought we’d like to wish him a very happy birthday!

Maybe you could sing along to this birthday song!

I know the teachers will be posting their learning activities shortly and I will look forwards to seeing what each class has been up to as we go through the day! It was lovely to see so many of you enjoying the sunny outdoors yesterday and continuing with your fitness challenges…well done!

I am missing being in contact with everyone, but seeing the photos is brilliant, so thank you to parents for getting so involved!

Hello from the Teachers!

We just want to say thank you for all the fantastic photos and work that you have been sending to the teachers so that they can share on the website. It is so lovely! We have a virtual staff meeting every day to share how things are going….so we thought we’d share!

What a gorgeous day!

I have been looking through the class news pages and it is wonderful to see so many children doing fitness with Joe Wickes (I might try it tomorrow if I can find it!), researching saltwater crocodiles, solving maths problems, and searching for minibeasts, and much more! Thank you so much for sharing with your teachers so that they can celebrate on the website! It helps so much for everyone to keep in touch!

The weather is looking to be gorgeous again tomorrow. These are strange times, but by sharing activities and keeping in touch we can stay in touch and it will help us keep the Brown Clee spirit going!

Have a restful evening and look forwards to seeing what you’ve all been up to tomorrow! Well done everyone!