Class 4 have started a small weaving project. They first made their own looms – which they have then used to start weaving.

All of history – Timeline

In history/science today, Class 4 explored the scale of the entire (estimated) history of time. Our timeline started with the Big Bang – which is estimated to have occurred around 13.8 billion years ago (13,800,000,000 years ago) – and the end of our timeline represented today.

To create our timeline, we used 2,760 multilink cubes – meaning each cube represented 5 million years – click the images below for a closer look.

We then worked out where “the first signs of life”, “the extinction of the most dinosaurs”, “the first ever mammals” and “the first ever humans (Homo sapiens)” would appear on our scaled timeline. Interestingly, the earliest evidence of life is estimated to be 3.8 billion years ago – meaning you would have to travel 2,000 cubes from the start of the timeline to reach this point. The estimated date of the first ever mammals (200 million years ago) would be a further 720 cubes on; the dinosaur extinction would be another 27 cubes on from this, and the time since the first ever humans (200,000 years ago) would only be 4% of the the final cube!

Plastic Lids – Recycling Project

Plastic pollution is becoming an increasing problem around the world. To help raise the awareness of this, the School Council have planned a recycling project and need as many used plastic lids.

These lids can be any shape, size or colour, but they must be plastic and do need to be clean – plastic milk bottle lids are ideal! If you have any used plastic lids, children can bring them into to school and put them in the green bin (see image below) found in Class 4’s cloakroom.