Thursday’s activities

Class 3 have been busy answering questions for me today which I have been collecting together for an activity next week and haven’t shared on here today. Well done to those who have already sent their answers to me. Please send your answers as soon as possible if you haven’t done so yet.


Mileage Update: Archie’s Kenyan Safari Challenge for Karibuni

We have had more miles in….

Mrs Gennard 8 miles

The Metcalfes 15 miles

Mrs Godfrey 2 miles

The Beeches 15 miles

The Rabbits 5 miles

The Ratcliffes 7 miles

Isabelle and Esmae 7 miles

Harry and Ida 4 miles

So we are now at 710 miles!!

A third of the way there with 3 days to go – can we do it!?!?!

Remote Learning Questionnaire

We have emailled out to all parents a remote learning questionnaire that we kindly request all parents to complete and return to school by the end of next week. YOu will find them here too.

Questionnaire to Prepare for Remote Learning (Word)

Questionnaire to Prepare for Remote Learning (PDF)

The questionnaire involves a few easy questions about Remote Learning, as we have to put in place contingency plans in case we have to provide this in the future in the instance of either children self-isolating of local lockdowns – both of which we hope we do not have to experience.
The government’s expectation is that all children would be expected to receive the same curriculum learning as if they were in school, and that it is not optional.  Therefore we would like you to help us to help you by providing is with information about what devices, barriers there are to home learning.
We are aware that a lot of information is coming out to you at the moment – and apologise if you feel bombarded – but with one week to go before the summer holidays, we need to put as much in place as possible to allow for a smooth start in September.
We have attached the questionnaire in 2 formats – Word and PDF – and they can be returned by email either as a word document or photograph – whichever is easiest.
Many thanks

Mileage Update:Archie’s Kenyan Safari Challenge for Karibuni

We have had more miles in over the evening – keep them coming in please as we have lots more to do!  Also don’t forget to sponsor and support using Archie’s Giving page:  So far everyone has raised nearly £700 for the Karibuni Children – well done!

Here are the miles…we have now reached a total of 645 miles!!!

Callum, Ben and Family 32 miles

Harry and Mum 9 miles

Jake, Alfie, Connor , Nic, Scott 50 miles

James C 10 miles

The Robinson 4 miles (swimming and rowing!!)

Joshua, Jasmine and Mum 6 miles








Emily and Mum 8 miles (horse riding!)








Isabel S 2 miles

Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

The days fly by and we are already at Thursday – Archie’s Kenyan Safari Challenge is up and running (or walking, cycling, horse riding!) and at the time of writing this the school community had reached 431 miles!  But we still have a long, long way to go to reach 2141 miles and get back to Mombasa by the end of Sunday!

So come on Brown Clee – get your trainers on and get walking, running cycling – every family member counts, staff as well!  I know we can do this!!

Today I thought it would be good to learn about life in the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi.  We learnt about what life for 8 year old Naresiah was like, living in a village in Kenya.  Today we are looking at Nana’s life on the outskirts of Nairobi.

As you are watching, have a think what is the same, and what is different, between Naresiah and Nana’s day.

What did you notice?  Did you spot anything the same?  What were the differences?

Kenya is a diverse country, with coast and beaches, savannahs and plains, and bustling cities. We normally think of Kenya and think of villages and African animals, like we say yesterday – but there is much more to it!  There are wealthy areas in cities with businesses and shops, and also areas of poverty where families live in slums.  These are the families that we want to help with Archie’s challenge.


Prayer of the Day

Dear God.

We thank you for all that we have.

Help us to give to others, at the touch of a button, every day.

Please be with those who have no food today.

Help us to do whatever we can to make the world a fairer place.




More Miles!!

We have had lots more miles in this morning…

Miss Lewis 4 miles

Mrs Gennard 11 miles

The Y6s 22 miles

Miss Relph 4 miles

Mr Smith 13 miles

George Be and Miss Greenan 6 miles

Archie B and Family and Sister (in costume!) 22 miles

Mrs Godfrey 4 miles

George Ba 14 miles

Callum 1 mile

Chloe 1 mile

Isabelle and Jorge 4 miles

Isabel Y and Mum 4 miles

So our new total is now 457 miles!!  Nearly quarter of the way!

We have had another message from Kenya too as the communities are aware of what we are doing…

“We salute the primary school that has offered the raise the money through Karibuni. Surely this is amazing love. Am sure they have already covered some Miles. Let them now we appreciate there efforts at such a tender age. Surely our God in heaven will reward them. Let them press on.”  Mercy is the social worker at Meru Township programme in the middle of an appalling slum area. The project is situated in a Catholic Primary School where the headmistress is very proactive in improving the lives and opportunities of these very poor families.


With love


Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Well done everyone who has sent some miles in to add up for Archie’s Kenyan Safari – we reached 175 miles by the end of yesterday so are well up the Kenyan coast…

Keep on sending the miles in, and photos too – I havent spotted many African animals yet, apart from the Foxes!

Yesterday we learnt some fascinating facts about Kenya – today I thought I’d take you on safari…

How many different animals did you see?  I wonder why they live in Kenya and not in the UK?  What a wonderfully diverse world we live in –

Prayer of the Day

We thank you, Lord, for flowers and trees and sunshine
and for all your living creatures.
We thank you for families and friendships,
for our homes and our school.
We thank you for giving us our daily bread
and for all the food we eat.
We thank you, Lord, for everything wonderful in the world.

Miles Update: Archie’s Kenyan Safari Challenge for Karibuni!

We have had more miles in overnight – thank you to everyone who has contributed so far!  We still have a long way to go so keep them going!!  I will update later today with a map – but here are the miles that came in during yesterday evening:-

Lexi, Jayden and Mum – 3 miles

The Ratcliffes – 11 miles

Gill S – 11 miles

Mrs Rollings – 9 miles (horse and foot!)







The Rabbits – 2 miles

The Robinson family – 23 miles (amazing spreadsheet record!)

So the total for the beginning of today is now 347 miles!!  Keep walking and running – especially those children and families at home – we need lots more miles if we are to make 2141 by the end of Sunday!!

Jack’s adventure

For their English work, Class 3 have been asked to write their own adventure story this week. This first part of Mollie’s story is fantastic. Well done Mollie!

I’m very much looking forward to seeing everybody’s finished pieces at the end of the week! 

Kenyan Safari Challenge – Class 4

The year 6s in school have been running daily to add to Archie’s Kenyan Safari Challenge.

Today – in rather wet conditions – we managed 22 miles between us.


Remember, for those of you at home, it would be great if you could be completing some distances and sending them in (along with some photos of you doing it), and Miss Relph can add it to the total.


Reception Groupings – 1st Week back in September

With the lack of a normal transition for new reception children, and with the restrictions to ‘normal’ operations in place due to Covid19, we have split the new reception intake into smaller groups for the start of the new year. This will allow staff to support and help children get familiar with their new routines and classroom in a calm, nurtured manner.

Each child will get 2 half days in school – one in a small group of 5 or 6 children, and then in a bigger group of 10 or 11, to allow them to get familiar with the start and end of day routines, as well as having the chance to learn classroom procedures and layout.

We appreciate that this could be difficult for working parents, but we have to put safety and children well-being first – and with a large intake of 22 children, we felt this was the best way to ensure their start in school was positive.

Reception Groupings

Thank you for returning the New Parent Paperwork – Mrs Fox will be contacting each parent individually to talk through the start of term, and answer any questions.  Please do use the class email address to ask any questions ahead of Mrs Fox’s phone call!