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Friday 3rd July – Y3&Y4 Maths – (p2of3)

Y3&4  – Summer Term – Week 10 – Lesson 5: Maths Challenges

The most suitable questions for Year 3 are 1, 2, 3 & 4; The most suitable questions for Year 4 are 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5.

Super work Oscar!

Oscar was the only person brave enough in Class 3 to record themselves reading today!!

What a fantastic job he did! You can clearly hear how he uses his intonation much more successfully when he reads with his audience in mind during the second recording.

A big well done Oscar!

Recording 1:

Recording 2:

Wednesday 1st July – Links – (p4of4)

Book Review:


Welcome to the Iron Age!

Slide 1:

Life in Iron Age Britain:


Brenna’s Hillfort:


The story of Abraham (Abram’s name is changed to Abraham by God – Abram and Abraham are the same person)

Extract 1:

Extract 2: Genesis12:1-7:



A mouse wants to go to the moon because he thinks that the moon is made of cheese. He builds a rocket, flies off and lands on a large piece of cheese. He thinks that this is the moon, but he has landed on a large piece of cheese in the cheese shop.

Both Abram and the mouse go on a journey because they have a dream. Abram dreams of the promised land and a large number of descendants. God has promised him this. Do they both reach their destination? Why (not)?


Abraham/Scraps questions and answers:





Tuesday’s activities

It has been so lovely to see all the letters that you have been sending in! You have done such a fantastic job! Also, it has been great to see how hard you are working on all of the other activities at home – well done Class 3!

I know that as well as reading The Golden Acorn, a lot of you have been busy reading other books of your own at home. It was a lovely treat to receive a video of Harry reading his favourite book, Peter Rabbit. You can see Harry’s video by clicking on this link:


Here are some of the other pieces of work that were sent in today:

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