Correction re PE Uniform

A big thank you to Mrs Smith, for noticing in our letter regarding PE uniform and jewellery, that we had erroneously copied and pasted information that is now out of date – and that the PE T-shirt is green and not white! I hope that this hasn’t caused too much confusion, it is a rather busy time of year!

Change of Date: Help Your Child Read Workshop

Unfortunately we have had to reschedule the ‘Help Your Child Read’ workshop that was due to be held this Wednesday at 6pm.  The new date for this session is now Wednesday 21st November at 6pm in school.  Sincere apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause, and hopefully you can still attend.

The presentation and any accompanying leaflets will also be made available on the school website.

Prince Charming Visit to Class 1

Class 1 have had a very special visitor this morning!  Prince Charming arrived at school searching for Cinderella.  I hope they can help him to find his Princess!

Packed Lunches

We have reminded children that any packaging waste from their packed lunch needs to be put into their packed lunch bags and return home, so that parents can be aware of what has or hasn’t been eaten. In consideration of this, can we kindly request that parents don’t send children with a carton of fruit juice for lunch, as these are often not finished and would leak badly into the packed lunch bags, plus we advocate that children are drinking water in school, and not sugary, fruit drinks. Thank you for your support.

Buddy Reading with Class 1 and 4

There is lots of reading for pleasure, comprehension and shared learning between Class 1 and Class 4 when they buddy read on a Friday afternoon. It is lovely to hear the older children offering support and help and being ‘mini teachers’, demonstrating kindness and encouragement.

Year 1 Handwriting

We have recently reviewed our handwriting policy (available on the School Website in the Key Info/Policies section),  in order to ensure greater consistency across school.  As a result we are teaching a cursive style of handwriting, which for year 1 children, involves each letter starting on the line with a lead in and ending with a lead out. We are finding that this style helps the child’s writing to flow better and will make joining seamless.

This is will be quite tricky at first but over time it should help create a neater and fluent writing style.  In order to help at home, here is a copy of what the letters look like for Year 1 pupils:-