Class 4’s Reading Books

The window below is an interactive Powerpoint – which shows some of the books available for children to choose in Class 4 . Clicking on the images of the book covers will open some information and show some similar books.

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Year 6 Grecian Pots/Urns/Bowls – Stage 1

Today, the year 6s have completed the first stage of their Grecian pots.

Dissolving investigation

This week in science, Class 4 have been exploring how liquids dissolve solids. We planned and carried out an investigation to see how quickly salt dissolves in different types of liquid.

In PE today, Class 4 have been doing different exercise activities as part of a circuit.


In Maths today, class 4 were exploring the perimeters that could be made/found on the KS2 playground and field.

Performance Poetry

In English this week, Class 4 have been exploring three poems about the arctic – including interpreting these poems by creating their own performances.

Click the images below for a closer look.

The poems can be found below:

Year 5s – Northern Lights

This week, the year 5s completed their own northern lights scene using pastels.

Click the images below for a closer look.

Gymnastics – Vaulting

This week in gymnastics, class 4 have been working on our vaulting skills.

Division using counters

In maths, Class 4 have been looking at what happens when we divide larger numbers.

Gymnastics – Balance Routines

This week, Class 4 have been building on their balance skills.

We started with a balancing challenge:

Then, we started looking at planning and designing our own routines:

Gymnastics – Balancing

Today – in class 4 – we have been refining our balancing skills in gymnastics. Click on the images below for a closer look.

The Northern Lights – Art

In Art today, the year 6s have been exploring the use of oil pastels to create their own scene of the northern lights.

Weekly Homework

Class 4’s weekly homework consists of reading and practising spellings and time tables.


Regular reading is one of the most useful  activity a child can do. Having a vast range of reading experiences (through a wide range of texts) will help children in all aspects of their learning. Class 4 children should try to read regularly, and they will have a reading journal (a pink book) – in which they can record what they are reading (including keeping a record of all the books they have read across the year).

Children have access to a wide-range of texts from school – which they are encouraged to take home to read (as long as they are looked after and returned after reading). Books can also be brought in from home to read in school. 

Times Tables

Learning times tables off by heart is a useful skill – that can be used across many areas of maths. When practising times tables, the inverse should also be explored (e.g. if 5 x 7 = 35, then 35 ÷ 7 = 5 and 35 ÷ 5 = 7).

Times tables rockstars is an effective way to practise the recall of times tables.


As well as using a range of spelling strategies (see Spelling Strategies for more information), Spelling Shed is also an effective way to practise spellings.

We will have weekly spelling tests on Fridays



The school’s homework policy can be found here.

Gymnastics – Jumping

In gymnastics, we have been looking at different ways in which we can jump (straight, tuck, pike, straddle and split) – and how to link these jumps together effectively.